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Miccarelli Stripped of Committee Assignments; Moved to Back of Chamber

State Rep. Nick Miccarelli had his seat in the state House chamber moved to the back of the room, and was stripped of his committee assignments by House GOP leadership in the latest fallout following allegations of physical and sexual assault against Miccarelli.

According to the Patriot News Miccarelli was moved from seat 42, which was about 10 seats from fellow state Rep. Tarah Toohil, to seat 111.  Toohil is one of the two women who have accused Miccarelli of physical and sexual assault. Toohil filed and was granted a protection from abuse against Miccarelli.  

Miccarelli was also stripped of his assignments on the state House’s appropriations, consumer affairs, human services and liquor control committees.  

The House GOP Leadership has called on Miccarelli to resign, but has not pushed to expel him from the state House. 

“He’s not been convicted, let alone charged. I know a lot of people are thinking, ‘How can you let this happen?’ We found [the allegations] credible but people deserve due process,” House GOP spokesman Steve Miskin told the Patriot News.

9 Responses

  1. All of you liberal whacko’s have no clue how this really works. Miccarelli was gaining in strength and power in Harrisburg, and Turzai needed him gone. It’s well known on the hill, which is why nothing more will come from it. I would bet my last dollar that he will not be found guilty or even have charges filed against him, by the District Attorney. There are politics, then there are the politics inside politics.

    1. So true!! I can’t wait until Nick gets to start firing back at all those slugs! I hope he goes after Reed and Turzai with a vengeance!!!

  2. Disgusting weakness shown by party leaders. Should just make him stand it the corner – that would be a greater punishment than he is getting now.

  3. Whoa!…what a punishment!…what’s next, extra homework or cleaning erasers!?

  4. Just curious why there was no action/investigation last year when the Adjutant General quietly stepped away form his position for the same exact thing. It has been all quiet and will stay that way.

  5. According to, if Miccarelli hangs on until the end of the term on November 30th, he gets to retire with full benefits for life — pension and medical for him and his wife (which includes nursing home care).

    Sitting at the back of the room, not having to go to meetings, and collecting his salary for doing nothing for 6 months is what the House leadership considers severe enough punishment? Guess the GOP is looking forward to running on a soft on crime (in their own ranks) platform this fall.

    1. Why let him finish out this term only to have us pay for not only him but his families benefits and pension. The accusations were found credible yet here he still is…What a weak system. Micarelli needs to be fired and jailed.

  6. Lol! I got fired for saying the same thing that Miskin just said. Miccarelli deserves his due process.
    GOP Leadership is a joke! Thank God Dave Reed is stepping down. There is more spine in a jellyfish!! And Speaker Turzai should just go cry somewhere.

  7. It’s about time. Were they worried about the primaries that they waited until after?

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