Miccarelli Violated State House Sexual Harassment Policy, Faces No Punishment

Rep. Nick Miccarelli (R-Delaware) violated the state House’s policy against retaliation after he was accused of sexaul harassment by two women accoState rding to a recent report.

According to the Inquirer a report compiled by the state House found Miccarelli violated the policy when he outed one of the women who accused him of sexual assault

Despite the findings Miccarelli has not been punished, and there are no plans to punish him.  

From the Inquirer:

Miccarelli, according to an unredacted summary of the report, had been warned by House lawyers investigating the allegations not to take any action that could be viewed as retaliatory against two women who had filed a confidential complaint alleging physical or sexual assault. The House Republicans’ sexual-harassment policy prohibits retaliation against anyone who alleges or reports harassment.

Republican House leaders, who have received a copy of the investigative report, have called on Miccarelli to resign, but say they are constrained from punishing him for retaliation because he is an elected official.

Miccarelli posted the name of the political consultant, who has asked to be kept anonymous, on Facebook.  

Miccarelli’s spokesman did not tell the Inquirer why Miccarelli posted the name, but said Miccarelli is the one being retaliated against.

“The truth is Nick Miccarelli is the one who’s being retaliated against by two former, vengeful girlfriends who have yet to produce one bit of evidence to support their outrageous allegations,” Frank Keel said.  

Miccarelli has said he will not resign his seat, but has announced he will not seek re-election.

6 Responses

  1. The Caucus bringing up the “Zero Tolerance “ policy on violence is hilarious. During Computergate, James Mann threatened the jobs of Mike Duralja, Brian Brightbill, Andrew Mummert, Jared Graybill, Jeff Holland, Doug Swenson, and myself on multiple occasions. Big Jim also chose to threaten to strangle Jeff Holland, Jared Graybill, and myself, in front of my Director, Steve Eaton, and my Assistant Director, Kendall Bankert, who chose to not report or protect staff.
    Leadership, and the AG’s office knew as well.
    Jim was rewarded for his abuse and threats with raises and continued employment.
    Those policies aren’t for staff, they are for Leadership to use against staff.
    This whole thing is a sham!

  2. He needs to go! #expelMiccarelli – call your rep and ask them to. This is absurd. Is Johnny Doc, Nick’s biggest funder, funding the Frank Keel crisis comms work? Who is paying for his lawyer? Why do we have to keep this guy in office – is DAuphin DA pursuing revenge porn charges?

  3. Why not strip him of his committee assignments and remove his staff? They have called for his resignation; I am not aware of any rule prohibiting them from taking that action to back up their words.

  4. If this isn’t the definition of above the law, I don’t know what the Trump is.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..LOOK AT THIS GUY. He is the slimiest of the slime.

  6. If you have Frank Keel as your flack, you did something wrong. That’s a certainty.

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