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Miccarelli Won’t Run For Re-Election

State Rep. Nick Miccarelli, who was accused of physical and sexual assault by two women including state Rep. Tarah Toohil, announced he will not run for re-election.

“After much personal reflection and consultation with my family, staff and legislative colleagues, I have decided today to remove my name from the ballot for re-election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, effective immediately,” Miccarelli said in a statement.  

Miccarelli was accused of physically and sexually assaulting the two women at separate times over the last six years.  Toohil was granted a three year protection from abuse order against Miccarelli. He is continuing to push his innocence.

“My decision not to seek re-election should in no way be misconstrued by the public or misrepresented by the media as any admission of wrongdoing on my part,” Miccarelli said.  

“I intend to continue to work to clear my good name and reputation and put this current controversial situation behind me, once and for all.”  

Miccarelli’s decision comes with enough time before the May primary for the GOP to name a new candidate to the ballot.

16 Responses

  1. Seems he has a lot of financial incentive to hang on until November:

    “By serving until Nov. 30, the remainder of his term, 35-year-old Miccarelli will log 10 years of legislative service. That would make him eligible to receive lifetime taxpayer-funded health, dental, vision, prescription and long-term health care benefits.

    “It also extends that same benefit package to his wife for the remainder of her life, unless she would remarry. Any children Miccarelli would have also would be eligible for the benefits until the age of 26.

    “He also would be eligible to receive his pension without incurring any penalty if he remains in office for the next eight months, nine days.”

    [Jan Murphy “State rep accused of sexual assault would benefit financially from serving out rest of his term” PennLive 3/22/18]

  2. What a scumbag. An alleged batterer, who got caught, refuses to acknowledge his aberrant behavior, and expects us to believe that he’s innocent when a Judge ordered him to stay away from one of his alleged victims for three years?
    He should resign TODAY.

  3. “My decision not to seek re-election should in no way be misconstrued by the public or misrepresented by the media as any admission of wrongdoing on my part”

    He’s not admitting he did anything wrong. He’s just admitting that he’s going to get convicted because no one believes his denials, and do believe the women.

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. If I were you, I would focus on Leanne Braneky, your Dem in the 161 who is screaming the loudest about this guy, while dealing with her own marital infidelities currently. That should be the next big story.

  4. good choice people and I think for he should move to Montgomery County and run for reelection as Montgomery County Commissioner or as a State Representative in 2019 is to replace Madeleine Dean when she does wins the congressional seat and reelection in 2018.

  5. Is it true that the same lawyer who works for the GOP actually represented this dude? And if true, why would the GOP allow when at least one and I think both (not sure) of his accusers are Republican women? One is definitely a Republican-elected official! Say it aint so!

  6. The last line of your story is wrong. There is no legal nor procedural mechanism for the GOP to name a replacement for Miccarelli on the primary ballot. A Republican will have to mount a write-in campaign for the GOP nomination.

    1. Yep. It would only be true if he withdrew after the Primary in which he had been nominated. Hasn’t happened yet.

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