Michelle Obama to Campaign for Clinton in PA

michelle-obamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton next Wednesday, September 28th in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas.

The First Lady will be speaking at public Pennsylvania Democratic Party events, laying out the issues that are at stake with November looming closer.

These events come on the heels of Michelle Obama’s much applauded speech at the Democratic National Convention back in July. In her DNC speech, Obama specifically focused on Clinton’s past record of public service.

Obama will advocate for Clinton and Kaine, and urge Pennsylvanians to register to vote ahead of the October 11th deadline.

More details for this event will be released soon, and any members of the public interested in attending either events will be able to do so.

18 Responses

  1. The latest from Michelle and Barack’s Ghetto Kitchen for downtrodden black people. On tonights’ menu, “It all be whities fault souffle with a side of crooked Hillary lying all the time special soup!

  2. Michele is a class act and a great women and first lady. Her events are open to all and so is the Presidents. I guess that whole year they spent in Iowa was racial campaigning. They go all over. Did you see his last event, there were Men, Women, black, White, Spanish etc. He would of won a third term if he could have ran. I’m voting for Clinton because she is the most qualified and her record. Yeah Donald has a record, but its all negative and hurts people. Those are facts…Go Michelle. I might be there….

  3. “and any members of the public interested in attending either events will be able to do so.” Really??? You mean if you live in a black community in the city…because that is the only place her and her husband campaign. Do you ever see them in swing counties in SE or SW PA. Nope. All inner city. But no one ever calls them out on this racial campaigning.

  4. So Michelle said ” Millions of Americans are taking home thousands on dollars in their pay checks every month than they did a few years ago” WRONG!!
    The she said” There are no more poor people in America”… WRONG, AGAIN”
    She wants women to vote for Pro Choice… WRONG AGAIN!! Not on the ballot this time.
    She needs to spend more time chaperoning her daughter Malia who was seen smoking weed and shedding some of her clothes… in public!!

  5. Moochelle can’t wait to star on her own talk show. She is Okra’s replacement and she will be the rage on daytime tv! How will she explain crooked Hillary’s multiple medical conditions and still say she’s fit to be president? I’m still scratching my head on that one! Ha, Ha, anyway blacks are saying screw you Hillary, we’re voting for the Donald! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4Sl4rqYHec

  6. God I love this woman. Can’t wait to go see her speak. Godspeed to Hillary defeating the Ignorant Orange Facist

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