Minnesota Sen. Klobuchar to Headline Dems Dinner

Klobuchar, Amy

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

An old tradition becomes new again as the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has announced that they will hold their first ever Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner on Sept. 27 as part of their fall committee meeting at Valley Forge.

They also announced that Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar will be their headline guest.

While the institution of the state committee fundraising dinner is nothing new, the new Jefferson-Jackson moniker mimics the name of countless other such Democratic events across the county. The dinner is named after two prominent Presidents, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

“Amy has passed legislation to expand education and job opportunities for returning service members and to ensure our veterans receive the full benefits and support they deserve,” the party said in its statement announcing her participation.

“She has focused on bipartisan solutions to reduce our nation’s debt in a balanced way and was one of fourteen senators who fought to create the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. She helped pass the most sweeping ethics reform since Watergate and has been a leading voice for Senate rules reform.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar is the senior Senator from Minnesota and was first elected in 2006. Currently serving in her second term, she is a member of the Judiciary, Commerce, and Agriculture committees.

She is currently considered a dark-horse presidential candidate for 2016.

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  1. Gary says:

    Vote from your heart and not be another political hack. No question, if these exact circumstances arrived under GOP leadership you would vote NO. Now your Messiah wants you to clench, you will, and for you grand children. I beg you Amy vote with your conscious, they have been doing this for 2000 years the USA policemen are not going to change anything, I know how bad you want to control a new world order and reduce population. I guarantee your vote will do that, and decimate the economy until you can repair theirs. 6 billion dollars of cruise missiles that will kill many civilians when Israel set it up. Vote for what’s right for us not the party, is that possible anymore?

  2. John Cooper says:


  3. Barry White says:

    Eric Bradway Former Lower Merion Township Constable is Running for Governor on The Democratic Ticket

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