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Mispronunciation of Store Name Comes Back to Bite Oz

Oz at Wegner's

The one thing we know is that there is not a grocery store called Wegner’s.

Back in April, U.S. Senate candidate Mehmet Oz filmed a trip to a grocery store that he referred to as “Wegner’s.” The goal of the 38-second clip was to pick out vegetables for his wife, Lisa, for crudite’ or, since I had to look it up, pieces of raw vegetables (such as celery or carrots) served as an hors d’oeuvre.

The purpose of the tweet was to call out Joe Biden and his inflationary policies since the bill was already approaching $20 before tequila.

The problem … there is no store in Pennsylvania called “Wegner’s.”

There is a Wegmans’, a Rochester, N.Y. chain with more than 100 stores in seven states, including the Keystone State, as well as Redner’s, a Reading, Pa. chain with 44 warehouse markets and 20 quick shoppes throughout eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

Ron Filipkowski, who lists himself as an attorney, marine, former federal prosecutor and Republican on his twitter feed, retweeted the Oz tweet on April 6. It was picked up and retweeted yesterday by umichvoter, And the comments to the candidate who is already under fire for his New Jersey roots have not been kind.

26 Responses

  1. crudité…. Does that rhyme with coup d’etat???

    Asking for a certain orange skinned friend of Dr Oz and Ding Dong Doug.

  2. Nobody mentions that his prices were accurate?

    I did just pay 6.50 in Ohio for a tub of salsa similar to the one he chose – a house brand. Regardless of your politics, inflation is a problem.

    Oh, he said the store name wrong. Let’s focus on that.

    1. Somehow I don’t think presidents of the United States have anything to do with setting prices of produce in supermarkets!
      Let’s focus on that, shall we!

    2. One head of broccoli doesn’t cost $3. The price is $3 per pound. He was off on the price of the salsa too. And who the **** needs a whole bag of carrots to go with one head of broccoli? Who dips broccoli in salsa? This guy is out of touch with reality and there’s no denying it.

    3. But he was WRONG about the prices in the store he was in, even though they were right in front of him. That counts, right?

    4. Yes be will will focus on that because Oz is an out of touch snake oil salesman (and a bad one at that)

      1. Whether he’s a good or bad snack oil salesperson is debatable. Either way, he should stick to what he knows and forget about politics.

    5. Wegman’s is one of the highest priced stores in the country.
      He’d have to show me how much their prices were before Biden.

      So what about the ex-president’s drug plan? His releasing his taxes. His tax cuts for the rich only, which is a major factor in the current inflation. The millions his family were paid for being unqualified in their jobs.

  3. Hey! We shop at Wegner’s…er…Redman’s…er…Gregman’s…er…Regman’s…um…oh, forget it. I’m still looking for the A&P.
    Dr. Odds is too.
    Oh, and I’m guessing John Fetterman probably hasn’t recently had a crudité…whatever that is.

    1. I care! I care that PA has an elected official who has deep ties to PA and our communities. I care that we have a Senator who values our kids lives and doesn’t believe that 2-3% can be sacrificed. I care that PA has someone fighting for the working class who doesn’t have direct ties to and a financial interest in a company (Asplundh, Oz’s wife’s family billion dollar biz) that racked up the largest ICE fine to date for employing illegal immigrants.

      1. I care about a Senator who knows the value of hard work and isn’t a silver spoon trust fund baby who didn’t hold a real job until his late 40s.

      2. Fighting for the working class, whao are you kidding? Fight for the woke class is probably more like it, with some TDS thrown in for distraction for facts.

    2. 1. Good news! Shrek isn’t running for Senate, Fetterman is.
      2. If you think Dr. Oz is better than Fetterman, please give specific reasons that are relevant to the race.

  4. Is it really “mispronouncing” if you never heard of the place before nor ever shopped there.

    You can tell that he’s not a real shopper: no cart or handbasket.

    We he planning to carry all that stuff (from just one tiny section) with anything else he was pretending to buy like a child trying to carry every one of their toys at once and dropping half?

    Dr Pepper would be a more serious candidate than Oz.

    The only PA Senate candidate with even less PA residency than Oz was Joe Sestak (now an “advisor” to the “Forward Party” .. which is ironic for a guy who hasn’t told a new story in over 15 years).


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