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Missed Votes and Campaign Donations Pushed Against Mango

Paul Mango_std_imgGubernatorial candidate Paul Mango is having his voting record and history of campaign donations questioned.  

As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported, Mango has missed many odd year elections and primaries since 1988, as far back as Allegheny county voting records go. 

When Mango announced his bid, fellow Gubernatorial candidate state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) hit Mango on his choice of message, and on his lack of giving to candidates during the previous seven years.  

“I wish I would have been more active politically earlier in my life,” Mango told the Post-Gazette in an email responding to the voting records story.  

Mango claimed he had voted in every general election in his statement, but the records showed that in addition to the odd year elections, Mango did not vote in 1990, 1996, and 2002.  

While most regular voters will often miss odd year elections, which usually have statewide judicial and local elections on the ballot, races that do not generate much press or motivation for voters.  These often help shape the party, as do primaries in even years where local party members are elected.  

Prior to this year, the last time Mango made a political donation to a state candidate in Pennsylvania was 2010, when he a total of $750 to then state Representative Mike Turzai and $1,000 to the Allegheny County Republican Committee.  

This early in the election cycle, these types of hits are not designed to move the needle of support from the general public, but resonates with state party members who the candidates are trying to win over.  

The political donations will likely not resonate as much with state party members as the primary voting, but will likely be used to build a narrative of “what has he done.”

“Service to party and community are especially important to State Committee Members,” Charlie Gerow, a Republican consultant and state party member.  

Update:  The Mango campaign responded saying that he has given over $300,000 to Republican candidates across the country and the state including Senator Pat Toomey, and Congressmen Tim Murphy and Ryan Costello.  

13 Responses

  1. So, Mango hardly contributes to anyone in PA and Wagner gives $25,000 to Kathleen Kane. Not sure which is worse.

  2. You received a Free Education from the taxpayers of the US. In addition to completing your military commitment you had a commiment to vote in each and every election. This is what we all fought for while in the armed services! Sir, Dropout and do the right thing and start voting regularly, after 10 years of perfect5 voting history, come back!How do you look in the mirrow and shave knowing that you are try to perpetrate a fraud on the good people of Penna.

    1. Fraud? LOL. What are you talking about. Is this Wagner behind the keyboards????

  3. This stuff may matter to the party but it doesn’t matter much to voters. I’d be far more interested in what he wants to do and what experience he brings to the table to do it. While I too would prefer people who have done some time in the trenches before deciding to run for top spots, that is becoming rarer these days (again see Exhibit A, Trump). And frankly I’ve seen how the party will work hard against someone to keep them from even being involved as a committeeperson if they don’t like you (ie control you), so it can be difficult to get that ‘official’ in-the-trenches experience. That should not preclude a good candidate from trying for elected office.

  4. So essentially Paul Mango only voted when there was a presidential election meaning he had no interest in PA since 1988, and now what? After snubbing Pennsylvania elections for the last 30 years, NOW he’s here to save the day? NOW he’s ready to serve? Republicans are just that stupid too. They actually support people like this. It’s why they always lose and always will.

  5. Could it just be that Mango found no GOP worth giving to and none worth voting for, which explains his non-participation in primaries? I’d think so. It’s been a long time since I had a yearn to do either for any GOP.

  6. So, he wants us to vote for him, but he doesn’t think enough of the party to bother with voting? I’m tired of people who don’t want to bother with the work in the trenches with the foot soldiers, then suddenly decide they’d make a great general.

    1. Sucks for me I just bet my buddy $50 Turzai would drop out (he always pusses out) now Turxai might actually pull the trigger with Mango circling the drain.

      1. Oh don’t you worry, you will win that bet. Actually you should have bet a much larger sum.

  7. Looks like we are already down to a two-man race on the Repub side….Turzai and Wagner. Nothing cripples a primary campaign like skipping voting in primary elections.

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