Missed Votes and Party Switches Pushed Back Against Wagner

State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (R-York)’s voting record in primary and general elections is coming under scrutiny by the campaign of Pittsburgh businessman Paul Mango.  

According to York County voting records, Wagner did not vote in the general elections in 1978, 1989, 1991, and 2001.  He also did not vote 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1996, 1997, 2001, and 2002 Republican primaries.  

“Scott Wagner’s team has spent months attacking Paul Mango’s voting record. In fact, just this past Election Day, rather than trying to support the get-out-the-vote efforts for our judicial candidates, Wagner’s campaign tweeted out these attacks,” Mango campaign communications advisor Matt Beynon said in a statement.  

On election day last week, Ray Zaborney, a consultant for Wagner’s campaign, tweeted at Mango to ‘remind’ him to vote in the election.

Three of the years Wagner did not vote in the general were off year elections, as were five of the years he did not vote in the Republican primary.  

In 2002 Wagner did vote in the Democratic primary, after switching his party registration for about a month because he “did not want to see Bob Casey Jr. as our governor” according to the York Daily Record.  Wagner voted for eventual winner and Governor Ed Rendell.  

Mango’s campaign added that the move “the epitome of the Harrisburg insider ‘do as I say and not as I do’ attitude” and that the Wagner campaign should “do some ‘basic research’ about their own record” on Wagner’s record.   

Wagner’s campaign responded to the push by going on the offensive against the Mango campaign’s assertions, especially that Wagner is an ‘insider.’

“On every issue Republicans care about, Scott Wagner will put his record up against Paul Mango.   Mango talks about attacking fellow republicans, but their entire campaign has been built around attacking Scott. Trying to convince people scott is a harrisburg insider is as ridiculous as trying to convince people that Mango isn’t a Paulie come lately to the conservative cause,” Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High said in an email.  

Mango’s campaign had come under fire earlier this year for the same reason, he had not voted in many odd year elections since 1988.

These types of attacks will not likely resonate with the general public, but matter to state party members who will be voting on a candidate to endorse at the PA GOP’s winter meeting early next year.  As the meeting draws closer, these types of attacks between the campaigns will continue to come out as they look to secure the party’s endorsement.  

Pittsburgh businesswoman Laura Ellsworth is also running for Governor.

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  1. Wonderful commercials Mango. Can you get some shots of the state executive director sleeping at the Governors mansion. Maybe Wolf sleeping at the State Dem Headquarters?

    1. Wait. You’re telling me a politician is doing political things? Mmmm yes we must concern ourselves with this as the exact morale equivalent for all of the bad things in the GOP.

  2. Again, until Mango answers for his support of Medicaid Expansion a la ObamaDon’tCare, he is disqualified to run as a Republican.

  3. I would say that Mango reminds me of Mitt Romney but that’s unkind to Romney. Mango has to be the stiffest, most plastic and scripted vulture capitalist I’ve ever seen. He got caught lying about his claim that he created jobs. We would nominate Mango at our own peril. Fortunately that won’t happen.

  4. Mango is creepy and uninspirational. His lack of voting is the least of his problems. John Brabilker can’t polish that turd, not even for the $20,000 a month he’s getting from Mango’s estate.

  5. Wagner supported Trump, while Mango suppportrd freakin Jeb Bush. No wonder Wagner is crushing Mango by 30 pts right now.

    1. Where is your source? Just wondering cause there isn’t a lot of polls right now. I like to follow the races.

  6. Paul Mango is as swampy as it gets. He gets a $2 million NO-BID contract from Governor Wolf. It doesn’t get any swankier than that.

    1. How many of Wagner’s fortune making contracts came from the state and local gov’ts? 2 million is probably paltry in comparission, and I am pretty sure Mango had nothing to do with that. Mckinsey and Co is one of, if not the biggest consulting firm in the world. What does that reflect on Mango?

      1. When is someone going to write the story about Wanger and Mango attacking each other for the same offenses… both making fortunes off government contracts and both forgetting to vote in elections?

  7. It’s a shame both of these campaigns are focused on each other’s voting records from decades ago and not defeating the most liberal governor in the country. Sad.

    1. Wolf is going to lose if Mango gets the nomination. Don’t listen to all of his paid shills here, Ray Zaborney and Jason High are losers. They’re probably ripping off RINO Wagner.

  8. Let me see if I have this straight. Paul Mango — who hasn’t voted in 30 years — is calling Wagner out for not voting a few times in 40 years? Are these the zany tactics we might expect from him as Gov? Nutty.

    1. Nice purity spiral. C u c k s like you are why Republicans lose. At least I can move out of state when Wagner loses the election to Wolf.

        1. Ok Mr. Kristol, where’d ya get that intelligence from, CNN, or was it Huffington Post? It’s common knowledge to anyone under 55 that it is internet speak for sell out neocons Stop letting leftist media reign supreme over definition, this is the same idiotic logic that claims the OK symbol represents white supremacy, or the peace sign signals 2 genders. This is david brock, George Soros propaganda 101.

    2. I’m pretty sure the article is less focusing on it as a major issue and more focusing on the fact that Wagners camp used this regularly as a demerit for Mango. It was pretty much the only “dirt” they could sling. Now that argument makes them look silly. Menahwhile Wagner hjas a closet fool of skeletons that get paraded around on a regular basis. Not great for winning an election.

  9. To call Wagner a “Harrisburg insider” is actually kinda funny. I wonder what now-Judge Dominic Pileggi would have to say about that….

    1. Nicer than saying “Slum Lord” or “Child Abuser” or “Fat Cat”. That fake Trump isn’t going to touch Wolf in the general.

    2. Wagz is T H I C C, gettin’ fat off all them contracts making the millions off of taxpayers. You should reread Rand if you think Wagner is anything but Wesley Mouch. Stop believing in that propaganda if you want to be free.

    3. There are many factions of cronies existing simultaneously in Harrisburg. He got rich off of govt’ contracts. Super trustworthy process that gov’t contract business. Please.

  10. The problem isn’t the missed election votes with a Trump-hole like Wagner. It’s the votes he’s made already and the bills he would sign. Unfit for any office.

    1. Or being a child abuser or slum lord.

      But at least if he’s the nominee, Wolf slam dunks the election.

  11. Jason High should quit drinking during the day. What an embarrassing response. Wagner ran the SRCC – he’s an insider, even if he has no functional relationships and everyone hates him.

    1. Yeah it’s pretty sad, especially when he’s the insider’s insider himself, practically Wagner’s chaiboy.

  12. Funny they compare Wagner missing a dozen elections in 40 years, many of which were 30 years ago, to Mango being apathetic to the political process consistently over 3 decades.

    1. Nice fake account, I bet you’re the same MFer as that fake John Galt up there. Stop believing the man and live your own life.

      We should have a Bernie or Ron Paul.

  13. Well, well, well, This will be an entertaining story to watch Wagner’s campaign respond to.

    1. You know what he’ll do, he’ll just blame it on the blacks or jews again instead of answering questions. Wagz thinks that you can buy respect but he’s just a racist. We’ll see if he buys this office too.

      1. One thing is certain, wagner is seriously outclassed. He is too much of a lightening rod for controversy to ever win against wolf. We need someone who can win in the suburbs of =Philly and Pittsburgh maybe even snag some of the independents in both citys’. Wagner is not that guy.

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