Monmouth University Poll: Saccone 49, Lamb 46 in PA-18 Special Election

In a newly release Monmouth University poll, Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone holds a small lead over Democratic candidate Conor Lamb.

According to the poll Saccone holds a 49% to 46% lead over Lamb with only 4% undecided.  

Lamb holds a slight advantage in favorability over Saccone, 49% to 48%, but the difference is greater when looking a those with unfavorable opinions of the two candidates.  39% of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of Saccone while 31% have an unfavorable opinion of Lamb.  

The district is strongly divided on their views of President Trump, with 37% strong approving of Trump and 42% strongly disapproving.  There is also an almost even split between those who support what Trump is doing, 48% support and 47% oppose.  

A majority of respondents, 68% think it is important to cast a vote in the special election to show either their support or opposition to Trump.  

Trump’s endorsement of Saccone, as well as his visits to the district, did not shift the minds of voters, with 86% of respondents saying Trump’s endorsement of Saccone did not change their opinion of Saccone.

17 Responses

  1. I’m all in for Conor Lamb.
    He supports protecting Social Security and Medicare, health care that is affordable, jobs and infrastructure, modern energy development, helping college students, addressing the heroin/opioid epidemic.
    Has a strong commitment to working families—-and he’s a brilliant former federal prosecutor.
    Contrast to Saccone’s hard-edged failed selfish conservatism and medieval thought processes.
    He’s a part of the gang that made the boundaries of the electoral map “clearly, plainly and palpably” in violation of the Pennsylvania constitution, where counties and towns were unnecessarily divided for partisan reasons. I can’t stand Pa. Republicans. Worthless obstructionists.

  2. the blame for this republican mess is kim ward. don’t forget she threw her colleague under the bus. shame kim. guy would be winning.

    1. John –

      That’s because Guy put out a nasty personal attack add against her in form of a flyer/mailer. So Kim said “I’ll fix you.”

      But I’ll tell you this…the scenario that no one is talking about is Guy vs. Connor which could happen this November and I think Guy will end up beating him, so just saying.

      1. That scenario presupposes that either Conor wins the special election, in which case he runs in the general as a sitting congressman in what will, in all likelihood, be a better district for him, or that Saccone wins the special and is defeated in the primary by Guy, who then has a race against Conor in November, again, in a district more favorable to Conor. Which scenario is more likely.

        1. I think even after the lines change, the losing will continue for awhile for Dems.

          There’s a reason why Tim Murphy wins by 40 points consistantly for over a decade.

          The eastern side of the state is turning bluer no doubt, while South-Western Pennsylvania continues to take a hard right turn.

          There’s not enough young people voting yet out here. But that will change.

    2. The only question is if Saccone will vote to impeach Trump if Meuller investigation recommends . If he swears he will then he wins a close race. If he hmmms and haws and questions the investigation then those truly unsure or undecided will see him as weak and a lackey .

  3. The godfather sez we are all in for Sack-1 and we ain’t forgot what this little lamb’s daddy done to us when we looted Pissburgh city hall back in the day. Just as la familia was pulling off another half billion dollar bond issue at the sewer authority, daddy Lamb as city controller yelled “stop this criminal act!” well, that got uncle charlie to put daddy lamb at the tippy top of our secret sh!t list…except charlie hit the send all button so we had to wait for another time which is now. On election day, we gonna shear this little lamb until he bleeds.

  4. Saccone is a certified nut job. He believes God speaks to him personally. That’s called schizophrenia. He also promotes himself as being “Trump before Trump was Trump”. No thanks. We don’t need any more crazy in Washington.

  5. Yeah, but the special doesn’t mean anything when you zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

    No one is paying attention to the fact that State Senator (SD-37) Guy Reschenthaler (R) is going to file to run in the Republican Primary in May.

    Furthermore Bob Solomon is going to file to run in the Democratic Primary. We have to give Dems a Progressive candidate to choose.

    All this is of course pending on the fact if those aforementioned individuals aren’t drawn out of their Districts when the new maps are finalized.

      1. Umm…no he’s not. How’s Single Payer nutty?

        Furthermore, Bob got the loudest and most cheers in the Washington County gym before Marcel Groen walked up to him and said…”Your campaign doesn’t have a chance. I want you to cut your speech by five minutes”.

        What kind of a state party chair does that? Groen should’ve apologized to Bob upon resigning. Good riddance. Anybody who lets 60 state house seats go uncontested and goes on PCN and has the gaul to come right out and say…”We have to find nice centrist candidates to run up and down the ticket” has to get out.

        And please tell me what does Conor Lamb’s T.V. add line where it says “Still loves to shoot” do for me?

        If you want to talk about ‘nutty’, spare me. Notice how that add isn’t running on T.V. since the Parkland shooting.

        Is there something wrong now? ????

        1. All Solomon talks about is healthcare and nothing else. Healthcare matters, but so does many other issues. He’s a broken record. Yeah, and let’s run the most liberal of all in PA-18 candidates (Solomon) and see what will happen. We need leadership, not a one issue ideologue nut job.

  6. In a district Trump won by 20 points?! Trump and Pence visited multiple times and the Congressional Leadership Fund has had staff living in the district full-time for months! This looks really bad for Saccone and Republicans.

  7. If the R’s picked a reasonable or moderate candidate this would be a blowout in their favor. Saccone is nuttier than a squirrel turd.

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