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Montco Commissioner Endorses Trump For President

trumpTrump has his first PA endorsement.

In an interview last Thursday with talk radio host Dom Giordano on 1210 AM WPHT, Joe Gale officially announced his support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“100%, I am a Trump guy,” he told Giordano. “I tell it like it is, just like Trump. I am a little different though, you know, different hair smaller wallet. But people are frustrated…and they are in desperate need for somebody who is a voice for the people.”

After the interview, Commissioner Gale explained his endorsement in further detail and continued to liken himself to Donald Trump.

“Just as I did during my election in 2015 and continue to do as public servant, Donald Trump embraces the title of ‘Outsider’ and ‘Common Sense Conservative.”

“The last thing we need is another Washington insider, Trump is refreshing. Like me, he is beholden to no one except the people. I am proud to support Donald Trump and look forward to helping him achieve victory in Pennsylvania,” said Gale.

The latest Franklin & Marshall poll shows Donald Trump has a firm lead over his Republican opponents among PA voters.

31 Responses

  1. Add Joe Gale to the list of politicians who would give up their first born for more power.

  2. Great news to hear Joe Gale has publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president. I couldn’t believe the negative comments noted above – gee they don’t look like jerks, but are just old fashioned Philadelphia style jackasses! Trump WILL win – and the RINOS need to be put out of business along with their misery!

  3. I’d be as arrogant as Joe Gale too if I still lived at home with my parents constantly telling me what a good, smart boy I am before they tucked me in at night.

    Hate to break it to you, but your endorsement literally means nothing. About as much as the gold star on your weekly chore chart.

  4. Heads up to Joe for his wise beyond his years selection of Donald Trump for President. I cannot wait to vote for Trump for President both in the GOP Primary this spring, and in the general election this fall either as the GOP nominee or as a serious 3rd party candidate. I have little doubt that Trump once elected will put a serious dent in the backsides of the commie wannabees of the Dem Party, and their bootlicker RINO’s in the GOP. Joe Gale can hopefully become the Trump of PA politics kicking some serious tail in the Tom Wolf bootlickers in the GOP drones, particularly in MONTCO and the other suburban counties here in SE PA.

  5. At the conclusion of his first term Joe Gale will be like Paulie…..won’t see him no more (at least not in elected office).

  6. Donald Trump is leading the rebellion against the political class and against the dishonest Media.

    Bill Lawrence says it well.

    Political Class Faces Rebellion

    Political Class Faces Rebellion — A big win is expected for Donald Trump this Super Tuesday night and while expectations are not certainties there is a reason for the expectations.
    Billionaire of the People

    Most Americans are bat-caca upset with those who have been controlling the political process. This includes the elected officials, appointed officials, hired bureaucrats, non-profit tax-funded administrators and the media that duly regurgitates what it is told by those getting rich off tax dollars.
    We have been manipulated by the craven for decades. How? Let’s take a recent case. Most of us want those down on their luck to have access to health care so we agree to a program that will provide this aid which we are told will actually make things better for all.

    But then life gets worse especially for those paying the bill.
    And then we learn that those responsible for the problem in the first place are laughing to the bank.
    Kind of makes you want to build a guillotine don’t it?
    Or consider education. Most Americans think education is pretty important. We are told the “schools are underfunded” so we say “gotta help the kids” so we tighten our belt and let more of our money go to taxes.

    And now we learn that the schools aren’t underfunded but the government people are still asking for money anyway so we start wondering where it goes and we start finding answers.

    Revolution cometh.

  7. Oh – and Guzzardi, you finally lost it. For real. Trump is the embodiment of the liberal, leftist agenda, and if you and those supporting him can’t see that, I would say you will get what you deserve – except you will take America down with you simply to prove a point.

  8. Montco Rep nailed it. I supported Joe throughout the process, but no longer. Trump is not Republican, certainly not conservative, and if it comes down to Clinton-Trump, I go third party or sit out. For Joe to support someone who goes against every principle conservatives believe is unconscionable.

  9. Joe Gale has chosen wisely.

    Rush Limbaugh has, repeatedly, made the point that:

    The Left, the Liberals and the Democrats must be defeated to save our culture.
    The Republican Establishment, which has been complicit in advancing the agenda of the Left, the Liberals and Democrats, must be defeated.
    The dishonest, agenda driven media, both Democrat and Republican must be defeated.

    In my view, Donald Trump has already flummoxed and all but defeated the Republican Establishment.
    In my view, Donald Trump has already flummoxed the media and turned it to his purposes.
    In my view, Donald Trump can defeat the Clintons and he can defeat Bernie Sanders.

    I have predicted that Hillary Clinton will discontinue her campaign no later than end of March so it very likely that Bernie Sanders and then the lines will be drawn between American Exceptionalism, on one hand, and Radical Leftism on the other.

  10. That’s very brave of Gale to admit he has a mental disability. It says a lot about the people of Montgomery County to appoint someone as special as him.

  11. Roger, there’s a really good reason why conservatives should pay attention to Joe Gale. He got elected to office because we elected him. Now, to be entirely honest, the MontCo GOP ran two terrible candidates so if that hadn’t have happened there would be no Commissioner Gale but conservative pro-lifers jumped in and worked to elect him. Without our support he would have lost. It’s important for us to watch him closely so we know not to support him again. He made a very amateur mistake with this Trump endorsement and it’s indicative of the fact that he’s not a real conservative.

  12. Joe Gale has decided to sell out the conservative and the pro-life movements. I voted for Joe Gale because I thought he was with us but I guess he’s just like the rest of them. I also didn’t know that he doesn’t pay real estate taxes because he lives at home with his parents. I thought he lived on his own. It’s a shame, conservatives just can’t trust him anymore. He used us.

  13. Joe Gale was a credible candidate for Montco because he gave a voice to pro-life, evangelical, conservative voters who were disgusted with the Montco GOP Chairman’s hand-picked candidates for County Commissioner. Gale specifically targeted disenfranchised these groups and won their support because they trusted him when he said he shared their values. Now he is embracing a man who supports “the good parts” of Planned Parenthood, a man who has bragged about adultery, who has described his ability to avoid venereal disease in his youth as his “own Vietnam.” Mr. Trump basically represents the antithesis of every value Mr. Gale himself ran on. What a betrayal for Gale to embrace this man.

  14. Joe Gale thinks Donald Trump is like him. Donald Trump would be like Joe Gale if Donald Trump made $70K a year, lived with his parents, and wore his pants too high.

  15. It is so funny the way you Republicans are crying over spilled Milk . Joe Gale won fair and square in The Primary while the Rest of your Committee people are in a circle firing AR 15s at each other . Joe Gale won fair and square in The General Election cause Convicted Felon Bob ( Asher’s Candies ) Asher is your political Boss . Shame on The Media and The Press for not Putting the heat on Felon Asher to Drum him out of his RNC seat . Your State and County Party is a Joke and Thats why TRUMP will crush you all The People are rising up with their Pitch Forks are coming for all of you .

  16. Seth Williams still lives with his Mommy too. And, now that he dumped his wife, he has some female DA employees over there partying with him too!!

  17. Jason, I don’t think this has anything to do with being a hack or being part of a machine. If you’re Donald Trump it has to be a bit embarrassing that the first elected official in PA to endorse you is a guy who lives at home with his parents and got elected by accident (because the two “party” candidates were so bad). This has less to do with Donald Trump and more to do with Joe Gale.

  18. All you political hacks in southeast pa are nothing but a bunch of sheep and do what you are told. The party backs Rubio then so do you. How about trying to stand for what you feel is right, rather than what DiGiorgio or Gleason tells you. I know most of you probably have no life so being part of the corrupt southeast political machine gives you a sense of belonging to something……it makes you feel important. Very sad, very sad indeed…

  19. This is what happens when you elect a kid who knows nothing about being in politics or government and just wants to walk around pretending he’s in an episode of House of Cards… except even the outlandish characters on House of Cards wouldn’t support an imbecile like Trump.

  20. Please please remember that this tea party brat does not represent Montgomery County or Southeastern PA in any way, shape, or form. All the great Republican state reps and senators we have here that bring common sense ideas to Harrisburg is what SEPA is really about. Gale is a complete embarrassment and any sane Republican you ask will confirm that for you.

  21. What an absolute and utter fool. Little Joey Gale decides to spread ridiculous lies, win an off-year election literally by running against his party (not difficult to do when you’re a 20-something entitled idiot who can say anything you want while the party has to act like the adults), and suddenly he’s the end-all be-all? Sorry buddy. You’re a minority commissioner in a county where only a handful of people agree with your ridiculous tea party ideals. Have fun in your one term. Maybe you can save up enough money to move out of your parents house and actually attempt to start being an adult.

  22. Maybe The Donald will give Joe Gale a decent job in his administration so Joe will be able move out of his parents’ house.

  23. Well that’s it. The race is over. If Joey Gale says its Trump then it’s Trump. Let me know when Gale has his first accomplishment in Montco. Josh still makes this boob sit in a booster seat at the meetings.

  24. Benito Gale has spoken.

    “Better to keep silent and have others think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it to all.”

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    • Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana (24%)
    • None of the above. Something Else. (20%)
    • Economic Development (14%)
    • Higher Education (8%)
    • Public Transportation (8%)
    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

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