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Moore Drops Primary Challenge to Brady

Jimmie Moore, an attorney and former Philadelphia judge, his withdrawn his primary challenge to Rep. Bob Brady.

Moore announced his decision in this joint statement with the Congressman:

Today, I, Judge Jimmie Moore, after giving full consideration in an effort to unify the Philadelphia Democratic Party, have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for the First Congressional District, Pennsylvania.

Congressman Robert A. Brady praised Judge Moore for his noble and selfless decision to withdraw his candidacy. He praised him for being a tireless jurist on the Philadelphia Municipal Court and commended his efforts with the second chance community and as a strong community advocate. The Congressman looks forward to working with him to improve the quality of life for citizens of the First Congressional District and the Greater Philadelphia area. Stating, “I will support Judge Moore in the future toward improving the quality of life for our fellow Philadelphians and Greater Philadelphia area.”

Brady and Moore have pledged to work together for the good of the Democratic Party to focus on creating jobs, reducing hunger, tackling crime, and ensuring that the federal government works effectively and efficiently.

Today is the last day for candidates to withdraw from races and not have their names on the ballot (except state House and Senate; their deadline is March 2).

Moore was a long shot from the start. Brady is one of the most powerful political figures in Philadelphia – Chairman of the city Democratic Committee. Even if Brady wasn’t popular in the sizable African American communities he represents (he is, very), the newly-drawn version of his district is much whiter than the current one.

On that subject, Moore scored some PR points earlier this year when he zinged Brady for his support of the GOP-drawn map. Brady reportedly lobbied Philly-area Democrats to support the plan. Moore also had a strong showing with petition signatures – over 3,000.

On the fundraising front – key in the expensive Philadelphia media market – Moore brought in $130,000 over the course of his campaign (including $25,000 in candidate loans). But the $4,000 he had remaining on hand is a drop in the bucket compared to Brady’s $758,000 –  or indeed the $147,000 in campaign debts Moore currently carries.

2011 Republican mayoral candidate John Featherman will oppose Brady in the general election.

3 Responses

  1. Does this surprise anyone? I am sure Moore was promised something that he will never get. But I hear there is a Traffic Court opening in Philadelphia. Seems as if this is where this guy belongs and Brady could use him.

  2. Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying “The government you elect is government you deserve.” H.L. Mencken said the same thing, but better: “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”

  3. A letter I sent to the Moore campaign earlier this week and their response. Guess why, after going through the painstaking efforts of getting thousands of signatures and surviving the challenge period, did Moore drop out with less than 2 months to go before the election? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Dear Judge Moore,

    My name is John Featherman. I am the endorsed Republican candidate on the ballot seeking the 1st Congressional seat.

    You have posted on your Website that Congressman Bob Brady has refused to accept your offer for a Democratic primary debate. Quite frankly, I seriously doubt that Congressman Brady will debate you.

    I do have a proposal, though. You and I can debate each other. We will invite Brady. If he chooses to participate, great. If he turns it down, that’s fine, too. In that case, we can have three seats — the empty one can be filled with a mannequin of Brady or just a photo of him. It will be his loss. By agreeing to debate me, you will have a forum that the media will likely attend. You and I will also have fun at Brady’s expense.

    Are you game?

    Feel free to contact me on Facebook, through email at or via cell at 215-280-7455.


    John Featherman
    Republican Candidate for the 1st Congressional District
    Dear Mr. Featherman, many thanks for contacting Judge Moore. Would it be possible to reach back out to you in the next day or so to discuss further?

    Thanks –

    Carolyn C. Cavaness
    Campaign Manager
    Jimmie Moore for Congress

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