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  1. Scott says:

    Actually, Sims is a State Representative, effective December 1, 2012.

    Pennsylvania State legislative terms begin and end on December 1st, following the election.
    The swearing-in event at the beginning of January is for all intents and purposes a formality.

  2. Alecia W. says:

    My apologies, you said you “respect” him, not that you “like” him. I’m guessing after this, the feeling will not be mutual. It’s ok though, there’s plenty of us that actually do want to work with him.

  3. Alecia W. says:

    Wow, John this is an all-time low even for you. From here on out you can’t ever say that you’re the kind of Republican who thinks that bipartisanship is a good thing. You attack the one D in Philly who is publicly saying he wants to work with us because of some random name tag that was probably drawn up by a mistaken 20 year old intern along with 1,000 others and likely worn for the 20 minutes before he had to go somewhere else, and get handed another nametag. Are you offended for the other state reps? are you accuding him of “pretending” to be a “real” state rep in a room full of then?I’m guessing they didn’t mind. More importantly, saying you “like” someone at the same time you make an awful and just plain stupid attack on them makes no sense. You’re hurting yourself and the rest of us GOPers with this nonsense. Geeze, John, with friends like you, who needs enemies? Please grow up.

  4. I’m disappointed that Sims — a good man whom I respect — is wearing a tag that says “Representative Brian Sims” when, in fact, he is “Representative-Elect Brian Sims” until January 1, 2013.

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