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More PA Voters Lack PennDOT ID Cards

New estimates show that fewer residents than expected have proper photo IDs. This is especially true for Philadelphia voters, who tend to vote more Democratic.

More Pennsylvania voters – and Philadelphia voters in particular – lack PennDOT ID cards.

Based on a comparison of voter registration rolls with PennDOT databases, it is expected that 9.2 percent of the state’s 8.2 million voters do not have the proper ID needed to vote in November.

This adds up to more than 758,000 people.

In Philadelphia, the number of people who lack IDs is higher – at nearly 1 in 5 people.

This is much higher than Corbett administration estimates, which placed the number of voters without IDs as low as 1 percent.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bob Warner has the story:

The new numbers, based on a comparison of voter registration rolls with PennDot ID databases, shows the potential problem is much bigger, particularly in Philadelphia, where 186,830 registered voters – 18 percent of the city’s total registration – do not have PennDot ID.

Republican lawmakers pushed the bill through the legislature in March and it was signed into law by Gov. Corbett, over protests from Democrats that the measure would disenfranchise thousands of voters, disproportionately affecting those without driver’s licenses – the poor, the elderly, and the young.

House Republican leader Mike Turzai acknowledged the law’s political implications at a Republican State Committee meeting last month.

A Department of State spokesman, Ron Ruman, noted that 167,566 of the registered voters without PennDot ID were classified as “inactive,” not having voted in the last four years. “Our experience is, a lot of these people are former college students who don’t live here anymore,” he said in an interview.

Philadelphia’s top election official, City Commission Chair Stephanie Singer, said the figures reinforced her view that the state’s new law was designed to suppress voter turnout in the predominantly Democratic city.

With 18 percent of voters not having PennDot ID, she said, “Philadelphia is hit much harder by this than any of the other counties.”

Behind Philadelphia’s 18 percent, nine other counties – Allegheny, Cameron, Centre, Cumberland, Delaware, Lackawanna, Lawrence, Montour, and Union – were reported to have 10 percent to 12 percent of their voters without PennDot ID. In the other 57 counties, more than 90 percent of voters reportedly had driver’s licenses or nondriver ID, according to the state data.

Slate also picked up the story:

In 2008, Barack Obama won Pennsylvania by the biggest majority of any candidate since 1972 — 620,478 votes. So, the total number of voters lacking ID is greater than that. Most of Obama’s margin came from his landslide in Philadelphia County — 478,759 votes over John McCain. So, the total voter bloc that lacks valid ID is about 39 percent as large as the Obama-McCain margin.

You see the problem for Obama. It’s entirely possible that, on election day, a majority of Pennsylvanians will want to vote for the Democrat, but a few hundred thousand of them will lack the tools to do so under the new ID law. Student IDs, military IDs, and passports will be enough to get you counted, but only the first kind of ID disproportionately favors Democrats.

The new estimates fail to account for people who have a form of ID other than a PennDOT-issued one.

19 Responses

  1. Won’t placing roadblocks in front of elderly voters be more likely to burn the GOP?

  2. John P.

    What do you know about the hanging chad anyway? I voted in FL in the 2000 election. The ballot, designed by the democratic party that year, was the worst I ever voted with. Most people had to use their pin pusher twice to get the chads out. The holes were not clean. The punch cards they used were a disaster.

    And there were more unqualified voters in the 2000 Florida election voting in that election than the gap in votes. (Motor Voter SNAFU)

  3. Restated, since we have identified those not in compliance, we know who the target audience is who must come into compliance by election day.

  4. Since we have identified the ones who do not comply bringing them into compliance. They will still be able to cast a provisional ballot.

  5. This is a poll TAX simply put. An $11 million dollar tax to implement this voter supression bill. I thought the State was broke?????

  6. Wow. Guess none of you disenfranchised people have tried to cash a check, fill a prescription, buy cigarettes or liquor, go to the doctors office, etc. Phonies to the last one, all of you.

  7. That so-called voter fraud was so prevalent on the part of Democrats that Republicans won both houses in the Legislature and the Governor’s office. Yeah, that was a huge problem. [sarcasm]
    My voter registration card and signature has been enough for me to vote for the past 33 years. I am so frustrated by this ridiculous posturing by Republicans.

  8. These laws are about voter suppression and the voters should throw out all of those legislators “REPUBLICANS” who resorted to these tactics to kill our democracy!
    I have seen enough of this return to “old southern politics” to turn my stomach sour and I fear the results of our accepting this new reality as a basis for running our nation!

  9. This reminds me of the hauging CHAD and how they stoled another election. Thats why I changed my registration, I can’t stand cheeters.

  10. AntiProgressive-

    Will you pay their poll tax gov Corbett has imposed? They already have cards dummy… It’s called a voter Id card.

    Apparently your rats couldn’t disenfranchise enough seniors and poor people by letting everyone vote.

    GOP 2012: Cheat to Win!

  11. What all the Republicans forget to tell you is they restricted the types of IDs you can use making it harder for people to provide ID. Best example is not permitting the elderly to use their expired driver license the photo is still the same person or how about eliminating the use of student photo IDs the Republicans knew student IDs properly identify the voter but most colleges and universities in PA don’t include expiration dates on their IDs. This was designed to suppress the vote to prevent voter fraud. Here are the facts and nothing but the facts:
    UFO Sightings Are More Common Than Voter Fraud:

    From the Patriot News – Pennsylvania voter ID law comments pull back curtain on dishonorable election practices:

    The ‘Voter Fraud’ Myth Debunked:

    A Poll Tax by Another Name:

  12. @sweatyfederalist — they got registered because they had proper identification at the time they registered. One should not need an unexpired, state-issued, photo ID with an expiration date on it to vote. Voting is one of our most fundamental rights.

  13. It is real simple and there is plenty of time. Those that care will take the time and fulfill thier responsibilities to assure thier vote counts. If the aren’t responsible citizens, they won’t get the ID and then don’t deserve to vote. This whole argument is total BS. We need to true the vote and make sure those that vote are entitled to vote. It ain’t hard and it ain’t rocket science. Get your ID or don’t vote.

    I made sure I had my ID, stop thinking you are entitled to vote if your don’t make the modest effort to get a valid ID.

  14. Is this a “voter tax” put on seniors, students, and the impoverished by the Administration of Gov. Tom Corbett? These people should be ashamed of themselves regardless or what party the affected folks belong to. Then they turn around and lie about the percentages affected. Where the he’ll is the tea party on this one… phonies.

  15. Somewhere that unpatriotic devil Mike Turzai is smiling because this was his plan all along to block the vote. Republicans are evil and unpatriotic.

  16. How many cases of voter fraud are there during a Presidential election year?

  17. The distressing bit here is how people got registered to vote without ID in the first place. Seriously, if you can be bothered to prove who you are, the rest of us shouldn’t be subject to your vote.

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