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Morganelli Endorses Wecht for Supreme Court

John-Morganelli-loresJudge David Wecht, Pennsylvania Supreme Court candidate, has been endorsed by Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

Morganelli emphasized the importance of fair elections and experienced jurists in his pitch for the Allegheny native.

“I’ve known Judge David Wecht for many years, and I know him to be a public servant and person of character & integrity,” Morganelli said.

“Judge Wecht has served honorably and competently as both a trial and appellate judge. If elected to the Supreme Court, I know that he will continue to serve the citizens, and the law, of Pennsylvania with distinction.”

Previously the president of the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association, Morganelli has been the elected District Attorney of Northampton County since 1991. He is also exploring a bid for Attorney General next year and even created a PAC.

“I thank Mr. Morganelli for his endorsement — I am deeply grateful & thankful for the support my campaign for the Supreme Court have received from this Commonwealth’s law enforcement community,” Wecht responded.

Morganelli will also be among several other Democratic Lehigh Valley officials at a campaign rally for another Democratic Supreme Court nominee Kevin Dougherty (who he also endorsed last May). All this activity suggests the DA is strongly leaning towards a run for Attorney General.

6 Responses

  1. Pat Unger: Sorry not to be clear. You are one of the adult posters here, so let me explain.

    My reference to a Wecht vote to remove Kane is based on the assumption that at some point there will be appeals to the PA Supreme Court where the outcome may decide the fate of Kane. For example, if the Senate and Wolf work a deal to oust Kane, I believe this is a govt action that can be appealed to Cmwlth Ct, then PA Supreme Ct. So in that case Wecht would have a vote.
    Also, there is no doubt the PA Supreme Ct has control over the judicial and lawyer discipline processes, which do or do not get done based on what the powers on PA Supreme Ct want done. So Wecht would have a say there, too.
    But I did not intend to make my post strictly about the Kane mess, which was just an example of how one hand washes the other within our supposedly non-political judiciary. There are such interlocking interests throughout, as Kane exposing the porn email network shows.

  2. Dave Wecht is the most qualified candidate for the Supreme Court. Period. Morganelli, on the other hand, is a clown.

  3. gulag, you so crazy! You lost me at the point where you said Wecht votes for the removal of Kane. The Supreme Court doesn’t have that authority, as the court made very clear in its order temporarily suspending her license. Grrrr, gulag angry!!

  4. I have now lost all respect for Morganelli. A prosecutor who endorses a judge that continually rules against police! Wow!

  5. So here is how you play this game. Morganelli, County DA who wants his prosecutions to be upheld, endorses Wecht to sit on PA Supreme Court, plus probably donates to the Wecht campaign. Next year Morganelli runs for AG, after Wecht has voted to remove Kane from AG post. Wecht maybe even donates to Morganelli campaign. Assuming he wins, Morganelli will have prosecutions that he wants upheld when they come in front of Wecht. What a circle of political life.

    Now, if you are a defendant being prosecuted by Morganelli, don’t you just feel confident in getting a fair shake when your case comes before the PA Supreme Court??!!??

    Thisa has nothing to do with Morganelli or Wecht personally; they are just examples. This is the wonderful political, oops, I mean legal system, you have in PA.

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