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Morganelli Has $512K COH for AG Race

John-Morganelli-loresJohn Morganelli is reporting his 2015 fundraising numbers.

According to the candidate, he has $512,000 cash on hand for his campaign for Attorney General. All donations were made to his political action committee, Morganelli PAC Pa, which was formed last September.

“Obviously, this race will require much more money, but we have already raised in excess of $50,000 this year with more money coming in every day,” Treasurer Lamont McClure Jr. “We are just under $600,000 with no debt. I feel that in the end we will be very competitive.”

Morganelli has been District Attorney of Northampton County since 1992.

Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala, prosecutor Jack Stollsteimer and attorney Dave Fawcett are also running in the Democratic primary. Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro is also widely expected to run.

Finally, Kathleen Kane just revealed that she has changed her mind and will run for re-election.

10 Responses

  1. Morganelli has been rejected time and time again. He’s simply a bitter old man who is unlikeable and frankly, creepy. How many times do the voters have to say NO before you just give up John? At a minimum why can’t you get a job in private practice and earn your paycheck instead of sucking the Northampton taxpayers dry ?

  2. No – he hasn’t had an opponent in nearly 20 years – he has been squirreling his money away – it is $50k since he has been saying he is thinking about running – with $500k+ saved up.

  3. Morganelli cost the party the office before. He is unlikeable, has no personality, and boring on top of it all. Never been a team player on any team but his own.

  4. The Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia will have an ocean of money and they know how to buy and steal votes.If people choose to look, they will see that ZapJunior is a third generation descendent of pittsburgh’s original gangsta family and has run the D.A.Office in vendetta mode for twenty years, aided by his consigliere and law partner/cousin Chuckie Porter, jr., son of mafia capo, Chuckie the rat. Remember that Santorum had most of the money but got fewer votes. Issues and integrity still mean something, I think.

  5. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    That is a reasonable interpretation. Usually, campaigns refer to the year they are about to file on (and $500,000 would seem consistent).

    But, $50,000 for the first week and a half would be impressive.

  6. DD- no he meant $50,000 since the beginning of 2016 (“this year”). The $500,000 was in 2015, which, in case you didn’t know, was last year.

  7. This looks like typo:

    ““Obviously, this race will require much more money, but we have already raised in excess of $50,000 this year with more money coming in every day,”

    Should probably read $500,000 not $50,000

  8. Anyone running against Zappala needs to look closely at the Leon Ford case in Pittsburgh. He helped the Police cover-up their shooting of an unarmed teenager they mistook for someone else.

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