Morganelli Launches TV Ad in PA-7 Primary

Democratic Congressional candidate John Morganelli launched a new television ad ahead of the 7th Congressional district primary May 15th.

“District Attorney John Morganelli: a record of prosecuting bad guys. In Congress he’lll take on a new group of bad actors,” the ad’s narrator says.  

The ad introduces Morganelli to voters and pushes a narrative that he is anti-Trump.  

“Morganelli will take on the NRA to ban assault weapons and bumpstocks, fight to stop Donald Trump’s plans to cut nearly 500 billion dollars from Medicare and stand up drug and insurance companies that drive up healthcare costs,” the ad continues.  

In November 2016, Morganelli responded to a tweet from Trump that he was “Thankful for your coming leadership. Waiting to hear from transition.”  

You can view the ad below.

Morganelli: Democrat with Backbone – District Attorney with Heart

Dear Friends, please "like" and "share" my new Congressional TV spot – very much appreciate your support and friendship! #Morganelli4Congress #BanAssaultWeapons #Fight4Medicare #Heart #Backbone

Posted by John Morganelli on Thursday, April 26, 2018


April 30th, 2018 | Posted in Congress, Front Page Stories | 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Morganelli Launches TV Ad in PA-7 Primary”

  1. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

    He’s a fascist goon

  2. yerkiddenright says:

    If John gets the nomination, the BernieBots will stay home in November, anyway…

  3. Anybody But Stack says:

    If he runs this campaign as horribly as he ran his statewide race for Attorney General, voting for him in the primary is the same as electing the Republican in the fall.

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