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Morganelli Pledges to Clean House in AG’s Office

John-Morganelli-loresNorthampton County DA and Democratic candidate for Attorney General John Morganelli pledged to wipe the slate clean from the Kathleen Kane era.

In a press conference today, Morganelli called for the firing of Douglas Gansler after it was revealed that First Deputy Attorney General Bruce Beemer had unsuccessfully tried to retrieve emails containing classified information.

“This matter represents, yet, another legal mess that has the OAG paralyzed and divided,” Morganelli stated. “There continues to exist a disconnect between the elected AG  and top people in her office. This has resulted in the OAG  being akin to a ship adrift at sea with no one knowing for sure who is in charge. In fact there is outright revolt.”

After asserting that there is no need for a special prosecutor, he turned to the OAG as a whole.

“In addition to the termination of Gansler, the OAG itself needs a house cleaning of all top tier people,” he declared. “If Ms. Kane is removed by action of the Senate and Governor, and an interim AG is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, the first order of business should be to ask for the resignations of all top level people. A new AG just cannot be saddled with Kane appointees, people loyal to Tom Corbett and/or people mired in ‘Porn Gate’. A new AG needs a completely new team of professional prosecutors with no agenda, bias or loyalties other than to the people of Pennsylvania devoted solely to clean up this mess. ‘Porn Gate’ must end, and the OAG must return to its core mission.”

The other Democratic candidates for Attorney General, besides Kane, are Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro.  

21 Responses

  1. @whistleblower. I normally don’t bother to comment on another lost ur your conspiracy theory is so other in its laughable. Doc has nothing to do with the Kane leak. Fina leaked info on he black caucus investigation and Kane retaliated by having King deliver docs to Brennan they morrow about Fina shutting down the no desire investigation( the theory being he did so to her a job with Seth Williams -amindesire crony). Fina than got his buddy Castile to authorize a grand jury to investigate Kanes leak. While attempting to shut down the grand jury Kane put out that she has comes to possession of thousands of porn emails to and from Fina who then sought and obtained a protective order preventing the release of his emails. In doing so he obtained a copy of his emails with mccafferys emails attached. Fina then went back to Castile with the McCaffery connection and castille demanded the release. Once castillegot his handsonmccaffery emails he released them to the press to force Mccaffery off the bench. The rest is history. This whole thing starts and ends with Fina and castille. Brennan was doing his job. McCaffery got caught up in the castille vendetta that now threatens Eakin and the other porn recipients. Get your facts straight idiot.

  2. Morganelli is another Harold Stassen He throws his name into every race because he is a Media Pig and loves to have his name in the News I bet he does not even get on the Ballot for AG

  3. Stop putting the cart before the horse! Innocent until proven guilty. She ain’t been found guilty of any crime you mf wingnuts. Jesus. you don’t quit your job or allow yourself to be forced out cause the big boys don’t want to play anymore. LETS PLAY! Burn it down General. I think of all the perverted racist slobs she’s made public and she should be getting a standing ovation everywhere she goes. But not in Alabama Oops I mean Pennsylvania

  4. bobguzzardi-

    NO. She is still a member of the bar.

    Her license was not revoked. Only “temporarily” suspended.

    Two completely different things.

    But, congratulations on your track record of being 100% wrong.

  5. Hasn’t Kathleen Kane’s law license been suspended meaning she is no longer a member of the bar and, therefore, ineligible, under the Pennsylvania Constitution, to be Attorney General? The Attorney General of Pennsylvania is not an attorney!

    It is unclear to me why removing her from office is so complicated.

    And Kathleen Kane has been indicted for leaking Grand Jury testimony and I would expect that would be a campaign issue.

    I would not think the indictment for leaking confidential Grand Jury evidence compromising the process would be a qualification to be the chief law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania; can voters take the chance she is guilty of a felony crime even if not convicted in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I would not think an indictment for a felony is a positive but then I am not a Democrat. What do Democratic voters think? It seems DA Morganelli and DA Zappala are more qualified. Commissioner Shapiro has an unblemished record. Are they not more qualified?

  6. The only thing revealed is you spin fact into delusion. RAPE IS RAPE. Your comments are offensive to rape victims. Having your drunk boss make a pass at you in a bar!! Not in the workplace is minimal. So stop yelling FIRE. And Linda came over from Corbett. No one chased them them out then ran off in the middle of night when they couldn’t keep destroying evidence. They allllll knew what was going on in the Sandusky cover up led by Fina. And now thanks to General Kane so do we. Has EAKIN resigned yet. ?!! Keep on keeping on General.

  7. Whistleblower, you just revealed what a dumbass you are. First, Kane brought Linda Dale Hoffa (not Hoffman) on from the US Attorney’s Office. Hoffa, like numerous other high-ranking lawyers, fled the Kane AG Office. And I see that you’re a “blame the victim” kind of guy when it comes to sexual harassment. That’s great. Do you blame rape victims too? Anyway, nobody’s claiming that a crime occurred, but it is unlawful workplace harassment to grope a subordinate employee in a bar or in the workplace (as the other accuser alleged). And the law, unlike you, does not blame a victim for being in a bar.

  8. Bruce Beemer just IS a liar! Linda Hoffman a bitter state worker who’s services were no longer needed. Duecker and a coworker in a bar drunk doesn’t make him a predator. I don’t get drunk after hours with my boss. Do you? If a crime was committed she should have called 911. Duh And I’m glad she fired the POS in her office. Just another state worker trying to leverage an elected official for pension raise and benefits. Whoever said you can’t fire a POS. Your under the delusion people have to promote and reward these jerk offs.

  9. Whistleblower, that’s quite a conspiracy theory you have there. Did Johnny Doc make Bruce Beemer lie or Linda Hoffa lie or Dave Tyler lie? Exactly how much control does Johnny Doc have over similar conduct showing Kane’s troubled relationship with telling the truth? Did he make Kathleen Kane blurt out that there were additional victims during the OAG investigation of Sandusky (only to walk that back a day later)? Did he make Kathleen Kane promote Duecker to chief of staff after Duecker was groping women in the office? Did Johnny Doc make Kathleen Kane have her boyfriend/bodyguard snoop on OAG employees’ emails to see what was going on in the grand jury? How about the firing of a well-regarded Chief Deputy AG who testified against Kane? Did Johnny Doc make Kane do that?

  10. Get real Scranton. Try this in for size. Adrian King Johnny Doc operative told Shameless McCaffery about the emails and the possible embarrassment. After Seamus couldn’t get Kane to suppress them Johnny Doc has Adrian King give the emails and the leak to “his guy” daily news reporter and Johnny Doc hack Chris Brennan. The same reporter who leaked about Eakin. So save it. Google Brennan any time he does a story it’s to embarrass one of Docs enemies. He picks up his leprechaun gold at Dics Union pub every Tuesday night. And spare me the bs about at least Seamus had decency to retire. He’s s stone cold pig when faced with 15 years in prison and loss of his pension retired

  11. Did anyone notice what was missing from Morganelli’s statement? A call for Kane to resign. Apparently he is happy with her finishing her term.

  12. Diano, if the Democratic advisors closest to Kane specifically called for her resignation, you would find a way to explain that away too. They did NOT have different recollections of meetings. They agreed on every detail — Kane being told specifically that it would be illegal to release the Mondesire grand jury materials, Kane saying she wanted to do it anyway, Kane trying to get one of them to shut down a Supreme Court investigation, Kane asking King to deliver a package to a political operative, and King doing so. Every single one testified that they were shocked at what Kane was doing. Did they need to specifically use the word “resign” or “impeach”?

    And it is amazing that Monday morning quarterbacking has led you (a non-attorney) say that Corbett and Fina botched an investigation that resulted in the overwhelmingly successful prosecution of a predator. Again, Kane campaigned on the idea that she wouldn’t use a grand jury because it takes too long. The jaw of every prosecutor hearing that remark hit the floor when she said it. It revealed how little Kane knew about being a prosecutor. It is the ONLY way to build a case against a predator. But I won’t waste time explaining this when you, as an amateur lawyer, routinely screw up much simpler concepts of the law. And if Corbett had been a Democrat, you’d be saying how successful he was. In short, you are a moron.

  13. Scranton Sucks-

    I disagree with your characterization of “attacked” by her staff. They didn’t make public statements against her, call for her resignation, etc. The were called to testify and had different recollections regarding meetings/instructions/etc.

    It was pretty clear from Kane’s investigation that Corbett mishandled the case. It was more criminally negligent than political, but Fina and others dragged their heels and did a piss-poor job investigating the case and protecting the victims (and trying to prevent new victims).

    Fina and pals certainly took a light view of sexual abuse, and exchanged a racist emails.

  14. Morganelli is a complete moron. Does he even know who the top people in the office are? There are some outstanding professionals In that office whose loyalty is to the mission and the people of this commonwealth that have absolutely no political agenda-and he wants to fire them summarily. Yet another reason not to vote for Morganelli.

  15. Update-

    Brace yourselves: I am calling for OAG to order an extra supply of extra new emergency toilet paper in bulk for everyone who is an innocent bystander to this all.

  16. Diano, you’ve gone beyond being naive to just plain lying. Kane was “attacked” by her own hand-picked (Democrat) people testifying against her for the blatantly illegal things she was doing. Kane campaigned on “investigating” Corbett’s handling of the Sandusky case and she came up with NOTHING. She has done nothing but make a gigantic mess of the AG’s Office. The most talented people have left, and Kane is promoting a guy to chief of staff who gropes women in the office. She has been absolutely terrible in every possible way.

  17. Kane was attacked for trying to clean up AG office.

    I can’t imagine any of the AG wannabees exposing as much judicial misconduct as Kane has.

  18. I agree with the candidate here is to clean up the AG’S office in 2016 by firing Kane and her political people.

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