Morning Call: Dismal Poll Numbers For Obama In Pa.

President Barack Obama, who political experts say will need a win in Pennsylvania to retain the White House, dipped to 35 percent approval among the state’s registered voters, according to a Muhlenberg College poll released Friday.

The results come on the heels of a bad week in polls for Obama that showed him first dropping to 39 percent nationwide in Gallup’s daily tracking poll. Then another set of Gallup results Thursday showed only 26 percent of Americans approve of how Obama is handling the economy.

These numbers are a huge blow to Obama who won the state handily in 2008, and a significant drop in just a few weeks from when Quinnipiac University polled Pennsylvania voters and found the president with 43 percent job approval.

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4 Responses

  1. “In fact, when the secret service has something to say, they get the final word.”

    Much as I hate to buy into the attempted distraction from Obama’s plummeting poll numbers, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of the Secret Service being all powerful. I remember election night 1992 when Al Gore, in his first statesmanlike act, body surfed the crowd. Definitely not a Secret Service approved activity. Yeah, the SS really rules.

    On topic, this is a Muhlenburg poll. Not exactly the most reliable of meters. Quinnipiac is a better gage, though that is cold comfort for Obama. Of course, counter to that, is that this is a registered voter poll. It is difficult to determine likely voters this far out, but likely voters are almost always more Republican than registered voters, so the likely electorate may well be as hostile as Muhlenburg suggests.

  2. facts are for Democratic sissies, don’tcha know!
    republicans are from beliefworld, unhampered by our realities because they are destined to rule us infidels…

  3. @navy mom

    Obama had nothing to do with that bus. It’s secret service’s bus, and he doesnt control that organization. In fact, when the secret service has something to say, they get the final word. That bus actually saved the govt money instead of having to constantly renting a bus and equipping it with protection whenever the protectee needs to go anywhere. And it’s not just one bus, it was 1.1 million for TWO buses, the other for the GOP presidential nominee.

    It’s this kind of blind partisanship that blocks out facts and drives unneeded hatred in this nation that forces the requirement for this type of unfortunate protection for our public officials. Please, take the blinders off. This nation is falling apart and it has nothing to do with the economic policies of our president. S&P said they downgraded the U.S. because of the ineffectiveness of the the highly partisan debt negotiations, not because of the actually debt deal itself.

    I more often than not criticize the policies of our president, but we need to stop bickering over petty things, and open our eyes fully as to not misinform ourselves.

  4. The truth hurts. Obama had the government spend 1.1 million dollars to build him an ugly bus in CANADA (how about them jobs?) to go around lecturing and insulting middle America. Obama just issued an administrative amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who now have job security while tens of millions of Americans are out work. This is not the hope and change Americans wanted. This guy is the worst President EVER.

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