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Morning Call/Muhlenberg College Poll: Wild 52, Scheller 39

Rep. Susan Wild (D-Lehigh) holds a double digit lead over GOP challenger Lisa Scheller in the race for the 7th Congressional District, according to this latest poll. 

The Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll of likely voters in the 7th District released on Thursday morning shows Wild leading Scheller by 13 points, 52%-to-39%, when voters are asked if they are “leaning” towards supporting a particular candidate. Wild maintains a 13 point advantage, 51%-to-38%, among likely voters, while 11% said they were unsure in the poll that didn’t include “leaners.” 

According to the analysts at FiveThirtyEight, Muhlenberg College favors Republicans by an average of 0.2% and has an overall A+ grade. 

Both Wild and Scheller have positive favorability ratings, although nearly half of the voters in the district either don’t know the GOP challenger or don’t have an opinion of her. 

41% have a favorable impression of Wild, while 28% have an unfavorable impression, and 22% are neutral/not sure. 9% polled said that they never heard of her.

28% have a favorable impression of Scheller, while 23% have an unfavorable impression. 23% said they were not sure of how they viewed the GOP challenger, while 26% said they never heard of her. 

Wild’s job approval rating is nearly identical to the favorability rating. 41% approve of Wild’s job performance, while 28% disapprove, and 31% have no opinion. 

Polling also shows that former Vice President Joe Biden holds a several point lead over President Donald Trump in the battleground district. 51% said that they would vote for Biden if the election were held today, while 44% said they would vote for Trump, when voters are asked if they are “leaning” towards support a particular candidate in the race. Biden extends his lead by 1 point, 51%-to-43%, among likely voters, while 3% said neither and another 3% said they weren’t sure in the poll that didn’t include “leaners.”

Sec. Hillary Clinton narrowly bested Trump in these congressional boundaries in 2016.

Trump’s favorability and job approval rating are both under water in the district as well, while voters are split on their impression of Biden. 

43% have a favorable impression of Trump, while 54% have an unfavorable impression, and 3% aren’t sure. 47% have a favorable impression of Biden, while 46% have an unfavorable impression, and 7% said they aren’t sure. 

The economy leads the way as the most important issue for voters in the district when deciding their choice for Congress. 27% said the economy was the top issue, while 17% said the coronavirus pandemic, 16% said health care, and 15% said law and order. The two other issues polled did not poll higher than 10%. 

Wild is serving her first full term in Congress after defeating Republican Marty Nothstein by 10 points for the open seat in the Lehigh Valley. She also defeated Nothstein by a razor thin margin in the special election to represent the old 15th District, which was vacated by Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh), giving her a head start in Congress over many of her incoming freshman colleagues. 

The Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Ball have the race in PA7 as Leans Democratic, while Inside Elections rates it as a safe seat for Wild.

This story was updated to correct the party affiliation next to Rep. Susan Wild’s name.

5 Responses

  1. I’ve heard the team that took over post-primary doesn’t really have its shit together. Unsurprising to see the state of that race. Need more professionals in this game, less jackass.

  2. you mean Trump’s favorite PA candidate is down double digits?
    All that money spent and commercials and this is where the race is? If the Lehigh Valley goes, what else does Trump have left in PA besides the rural counties?

  3. As a former addict, its a good thing Lisa didn’t end up in jail as she will do to addicts. Here is hoping Susan will end the war on drugs to protect the Lisa’s of today.

  4. is this a republican running against a republican? Or is your typo intended to confuse voters? will you correct before the end of the day? will the correction appear IN BOLD PRINT tomorrrow?

  5. All Trump asskissers are at risk of defeat. Bail out now or suffer the consequences. A purge is coming of anything Trump.

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