Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll: Obama Approval at 53%

president-barack-obama-2013-inauguration-537x442A majority of Pennsylvanians approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing.

That’s according to the latest Morning Call/Muhlenberg College Poll.

They found that 53% of Keystone State residents approve of President Obama’s job performance.

Meanwhile, 41% disapprove of how he’s doing and 6% have no opinion.

The Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll was conducted by Muhlenberg University from September 12th to 16th. They surveyed 400 likely Pennsylvania voters. The margin of error is +/-5.5%.

6 Responses

  1. Kathleen, there’s a reason Obama has a high approval rating and Congress’s approval rating is in the gutter. Congress has done absolutely NOTHING. They show up, throw a few soundbites out to their idiot supporters on cable news and then they go on long recesses for undeserved vacations. This country is going in the wrong direction because these politicians can’t work across the aisle with the other party or the President without stupidly being labeled a RINO or have their seat threatened in the next election.

  2. Between 67 and 74% of Americans polled believe our country is on the wrong track. These figures have been consistent for over a year. Yet, we are to believe the man who has/is taking this country on the wrong track receives a 50+% approval rating?!

  3. Agreed. Four More Years!!!

    Trump may not make it to inauguration of he wins. Seems he has been self-dealing with his non-profit. And there is no question he paid off a prosecutor to avoid arrest.

  4. I would GLADLY take a third term of Obama over this sh** show that’s been the 2016 election without thinking twice about it. Considering what he’s had to deal with the past 7 years he’s done right by me. Congress needs an enema. They’ve gotten a free pass from blame this whole election cycle.

  5. Obama is an incompetent, corrupt , racist- he shames our Nation and his Office. Still he is loved in Tehran by the butchers who run that Nation. Young people died in Tehran , 250000 Syrians have died- -and we have police dying in our Nation because of Obama. David Duke and Batak Obama represent the worst in us.

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