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Morning Consult Poll: Mixed Numbers for Casey, Negative for Trump

Senator Bob Casey is either sitting pretty, or under water. Market research firm and pollster Morning Consult has been tracking the re-election efforts of 10 competitive Senate races, which includes Casey.

According to July’s polling, Sen. Casey’s approval rating is 43%, while 32% polled did not approve of his job performance. This is tied for the highest for Casey since January.

On whether Sen. Casey “deserves reelection,” 32% said yes, while 44% believe it’s time for a new person. This is a 1% uptick for those saying he deserves re-election from the previous month, while the highest percentage of people polled believing a new person is needed was in May at 45%.  

The most recent data, finalized in July, comes from the results of surveys taken between May 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018.  

The market research company has also polled the approval rating of President Trump in Pennsylvania, generic congressional ballot, and the top issue for residents in the keystone state.

President Trump’s net approval rating for July in Pennsylvania is at -6%, (-1% change from the previous month). Trump remained very popular among Republicans in PA, 67% approving, and very disliked by Democrats in PA with 69% disapproving. Trump currently holds a -14% rating from Independents in the state, which is a marginal improvement for the President from the previous months. In April, Trump held his worst -21% rating from Independents in PA.

For July’s generic congressional ballot, Pennsylvanians favored Democrats over Republicans 41% to 36%.

The top issue for those polled in Pennsylvania was the economy at 28%.

The margin of error for the national averages are +/- 1%. At the state level, the margin of error varies from +/- 1% to  +/- 6%. The majority of states have a margin of error below 2%.

The data were weighted to approximate a target sample of registered voters based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, and region. Respondents in each state answered questions specific to their senators,” the Morning Consult’s page states.

See the full methodology here.

9 Responses

  1. Republicans don’t blow this. Interesting all these defending lefties… please share withe the class why this guy deserves reelection? please explain. republicans you can beat this nobody. look at inquirer story the other day.
    oh pro-lifers ask bobby where he goes to church and if he receives communion. rumor is he’s not allowed in his church, they concluded he’s pro abortion. shame bobby.

  2. “On whether Sen. Casey “deserves reelection,” 32% said yes, while 44% believe it’s time for a new person.”

    let the campaign begin!

    1. The new person they want is a better Dem, not another sh*tty Republican whose dumber and more out-of-touch than Toomey

  3. Bob’s a decent guy, but he makes the progressive Dems nervous on too many votes, particularly on pro-choice after his terrible vote for the 20-week abortion ban. While many of us realized it was pandering to shore up his pro-lifer supporters (with a non-decisive vote), too many Dems wonder what Casey will do if he’s the 60th vote. Or worse, what happens when it’s his last term and doesn’t have to give a f*ck about the pro-choice Dems electing him.

    Bob’s WAY BETTER than Barletta, Toomey and Santorum, but that’s a low bar. If the Dems thought they could replace Bob with a progressive Dem that could win the state, they would.

    So, these poll numbers aren’t that shocking and aren’t an indicator that Bob is at risk in November.

  4. Evil Sleeping Bob Casey. A bad hombre for certain. Dude is a complete loser. Doesn’t know if he is Pro-Life or the leader of the Indivisible Resistance Fighters/Antifa. He’s playing political games and not playing them well. I wouldn’t care if Stalin was running against Casey, he needs to go. Id rather have a Bernie Sanders DSA candidate who at least truly believes in a cause. Casey is a flip-flopper with nothing to show for a life of being as far inside as a political insider can possibly be.

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