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Morrill to Leave Keystone Progress

Michael MorrillKeystone Progress’s founder Michael Morrill announced he will be leaving the organization.  Morrill founded Keystone Progress in 2008.  

“I have been honored to be the executive director of Keystone Progress,” Morrill said in the announcement.  

Since it was founded, Keystone Progress has built a statewide network of supporters, and created both an online and traditional grassroots organization.  

“Mike created and built an incredible organization that has had a huge impact on Pennsylvania politics,” Keystone Progress board chair Ritchie Tabachnick said in a release announcing the move.  

In the announcement they named Daniel Doubet as the next Executive Director.  Doubet is currently the northwest Pennsylvania lead organizer for the organization.  He was picked after a six-month national search.  

“While we are disappointed to see Mike leave, we are thrilled that Dan Doubet will be leading us during this tumultuous time,” Tabachnick  said.  

“I’m excited about Dan taking over for me. He has the passion, the skills and the experience to bring Keystone Progress to even greater heights,” Morrill said.

10 Responses

  1. Well, gulag, I guess I’ll have to remain deluded, unless you wish to argue the issues with me.

    Meanwhile at least I don’t drink that nice purple Kool-Aid that they serve down at the Democratic Club. BTW, I don’t drink with the Republicans, either.

  2. David, thanks for helping me make my case regarding Keystone Progress’ agenda. But the organization’s agenda is not the point here. I included it to ensure readers were aware of its agenda, no points of which you contradict in your most recent posting.

    Perhaps I might not be so critical of Keystone Progress were it a genuine grassroots Pennsylvania organization. Instead, it is a creation by an outside group managed and manipulated by George Soros and his allies, with the aim of promoting leftist causes and goals.

  3. DD: Thanks for the information and setting Seneca straight, but he will remain deluded.

  4. Seneca-

    I appreciate your ringing endorsement of Keystone Progress and other progressive causes, but you have a few inaccuracies:

    1) progressives want a FAIR tax system where the rich pay their fair share (like they used to), so that the poor and working class are not overburdened with taxes to pay for infrastructure and basic services

    2) Single payer is emerging as as a cost-effective way to cut out health insurance profits and provide affordable health insurance and coverage to the population.

    3) You confuse the “Occupy movement” with the general principle of reigning in Wall St abuses of the economy, with smart regulation and getting rid of “too big to fail” so that banks/investors stop gambling with people’s savings and need to be bailed out.

    4) The taxes for businesses are neither heavy nor disproportionate. Big businesses have been dodging taxes with offshore accounts and massive money-laundering of profits, improper deductions lobbied into the tax code.

    5) You left out women getting access to health care, birth control and abortions (if they make such a choice or encounter life-threatening complications).

    6) Oh, yeah, and raising the minimum wage to a living wage.

    7) Closing for-profit prisons that mistreat the inmates.

  5. Keystone Progress is a PAC that promotes “progressive” (i.e., left-wing) causes and community organizing. Its parent group is funded by unions and money from varous shell groups, including at least two run by leftist billionaire George Soros. The group does not disclose its financial backers, even though it attacks other organizations for their failure to do so.

    The umbrella organization for Keystone Progress is ProgressNow, a lobbying organization and national network of leftist organizations funded by Democracy Alliance, a group of wealthy leftist businessmen and other contributors who raise funds for the Democratic Party and its alles. ProgressNow is a regular contributor to Keystone Progress

    Groups funding ProgressNow include labor unions, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the McKay Family Fondation, the Gill Foundation, the Bohemian Foundation, and the Tides Foundation, itself a major recipient of Soros funding. ProgressNow is only one of a number of leftist groups funded by the above organizations.

    What are the leftist causes promoted by ProgressNow and its state affiliates such as Keystone Progress? They include higher taxes, single-payer healthcare, support to left-wing agitators of the “Occupy” Movement and its spinoffs, and a continued campaign to levy disproportionately heavy taxes against business.

    There’s a lot more on Keystone Progress if you care to google the organization and its funders.

  6. Did you even TRY to get a quote? Or a hint of a reason? Lazy, lazy website…

  7. What does Keystone Progress agenda include? Is it GOP or Dem? Would be nice to include in post. Why is he leaving? To go where?

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