Most of PA Delegation Votes for Patriot Act Reauth

By Jamie Brackman, Contributing Writer

A four year reauthorization of government surveillance powers from the Patriot Act was signed into law last night.  The Senate passed the bill on the 18th and the House of Representatives on the 24th.

In the House 54 Democrats and 196 Republicans voted in support of the Bill for a total of 250. 122 Democrats and 31 Republicans voted against the Bill for a total of 153.  28 abstained.

Here is how PA representatives voted:

Jason Altmire         D.     4    Aye
Lou Barletta         R.     11    Aye
Mark Critz        D.    12    Aye
Charles Dent        R.    15    Aye
Jim Gerlach         R.    6    Aye
Tim Holden        D.    17    Aye
Mike Kelly        R.    3    Aye
Thomas Marino    R.    10    Aye
Patrick Meehan     R.    7    Aye
Tim Murphy        R.    18    Aye
Joseph Pitts        R.    16    Aye
Todd Platts        R.    19    Aye
Allyson Schwartz    D.    13    Aye
William Shuster    R.    9    Aye
Glenn Thompson     R.    5    Aye

Robert Brady        D.    1     Nay
Michael Doyle        D.    15    Nay
Chaka Fattah        D.    2    Nay
Michael Fitzpatrick    R.    8    Nay

Fitzpatrick was one of only 31 Republicans who opposed the bill, continuing his objection from February. Democrats Altmire, Critz, Holden, and Schwartz voted in support of the bill, opposing  the majority of Democrats.

In the Senate PA representatives Pat Toomey and Bob Casey both voted to pass the bill.  The bill passed the Senate 72 – 23.

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