MSNBC Breaks Down the F&M Poll (VIDEO)

On Friday, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki used the Acela/Appalachia, east-west divide in PA to explain the current state of the presidential race.

Kornacki broke down the educational gap that has emerged in this contest with Trump opening up a big lead among whites without a college degree and Clinton potentially becoming the first Democrat to win white voters with a college degree in the history of polling.

He then examines the regional results of the latest Franklin and Marshall poll.

The Southwest, Appalachian, portion of the state favors Trump by twenty-three points, an improvement over Romney’s eighteen point victory four years ago. This survey considers Beaver, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland as Southwestern Counties.

The problem for the GOP, however, is the Southeastern, Acela, portion of the commonwealth: Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. President Obama’s nine point 2012 edge has now become a massive forty point Hillary Clinton advantage.

Furthermore, in those four SEPA counties there are 1,718,297 registered voters (as of April). Those eight SWPA counties contain 766,449 registered voters.

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3 thoughts on “MSNBC Breaks Down the F&M Poll (VIDEO)”

  1. Dems Win says:

    Pennsyltucky cannot “trump” SEPA.

    Game over.


  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Pennsylbama, Pennsyltucky, whatever you call it, is alive and sick.

  3. Media Matters says:

    Now I know who their other viewer is.

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