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MTP: White Working Class Isn’t Behind Registration Surge (VIDEO)

There is a silent white working class contingent out there, the problem for Donald Trump is that they seem intent on remaining silent.

Chuck Todd of Meet the Press examined the new voter registration statistics in Florida and Pennsylvania to see where the new numbers are coming from.

“There’s been the belief by some that in 2016 a working-class white army is going emerge for Donald Trump and swing key states to him,” Todd states. “The numbers suggest there is a missing working-class white vote out there. Working-class whites who stayed home in 2012. But are these folks actually registering to vote for 2016.”  

In the five most white working-class counties, voter registrations are up just 2.8%. The five most diverse counties, on the other hand, are up 5.6%. The overall total for the commonwealth is 4.8%.

“So in these places where Trump has the most votes to gain, the voters who could potentially win him this election, there’s no evidence that people are registering to vote in droves,” Todd explains. “In fact, there’s no evidence that anybody’s in these counties registering people to vote. Many of the people in these counties stayed home in 2012 and it’s quite possible we’ll see the same thing in November.”

You can check out our latest look at the county-by-county voter registration numbers.

8 Responses

  1. This was a very interesting take. It only makes a difference in a close election, but Clinton is not taking any chance. Trump has nothing going in the state and if he loses close as with Toomey, then it is their fault.

  2. Poor Patrick. Seems he is a deplorable smart enough to realize Trump is going to get CRUSHED !!!

  3. Whatever you need to say to calm down your fellow libs F. Chuck go ahead. Nothing to it my a@#…

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