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Muhlenberg College/Morning Call: Wolf On Solid Footing Through First Quarter of 2017

Governor-Wolf4-2-300x221In the latest Muhlenberg College/Morning Call, Governor Tom Wolf’s approval ratings are up four points over last February, and his disapproval rating is down five points in the same time period.  

Wolf’s approval rating stands at 40%, up from the 36% it was at in Muhlenberg College/Morning Call’s February 2016 poll.  

Wolf’s disapproval rating was down over the same time period.  He currently has a 35% disapproval rating, compared with 40% in February 2016.  24% of respondents did not have an opinion, which is the same as February 2016.  

The upwards trend in Wolf’s approval rating and the constant of respondents with no opinion could mean that Wolf’s messaging over the last year has helped voters perspective of him.  

Muhlenberg College/Morning Call’s poll was a survey of 406 registered voters conducted by phone calls to both cell phones and land lines.  The margin of error is plus or minus 6%.  

For approval ratings, Muhlenberg College/Morning Call asks directly if a respondent approves or disapproves of an officials performance.  

The poll did not ask about any of the Republican candidates who have either declared or are rumored to be running for Governor.  State Senator Scott Wagner has already declared for the race, and Allegheny county businessman Paul Mango has told GOP officials he will be announcing soon.  House Speaker Mike Turzai is exploring a bid for Governor.  Former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler), and state House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) are also rumored to be weighing a bid.

9 Responses

  1. Scott Wagner acted so amateurish in his debacle at the country club speech by grabbing an op research staffer’s camera like some pompus politico that compared to him Wolf can’t help but look good. The bar could not possibly be set lower with that behavior of an opponent. Wolf, in comparison, looks respectful and dignified while showing class in similar situations that Wagner faced.

  2. not convinced ‘cycle’ is over. corbett was a fluke. r’s in disarry, d’s not. wolfe should have easy re-elect, if not shame on d’s.

  3. Not only is the change within the margin of error, as others have stated here, but a 40% approval rating is far from a “solid footing” for an incumbent with an election year on the horizon.

  4. No worries. The mafia has run PA Politics for decades and likely will for decades more. Some have become “respectable” now, holding judgeships and DA offices.

  5. With Stack’s arrogance and his runt’s mean mouth, the Gov got an easy rescue of P.SP. Gophers and loafers who couldn’t take a little reprimanding. People love cops again and that will make it double difficult for La Familia to make money.we can’t wait the reformer out because he is about to toss the last of our toadies from the turnpike commission. More casino revenue would help since we still own Logan. We need to get us some of that reform, Daddy.

  6. This change is within the margin of error of the poll. However, if true, the most likely reason is anti-Trump sentiment, rather than messaging from Wolf.

    The disaster that is Trump makes every Democrat appear more favorable.

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