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Mundy Wins Election to Full Term as State Supreme Court Justice

Republican Sallie Mundy has won the Justice of the Supreme Court defeating Democrat Dwayne Woodruff.

With 94% of precincts reporting in, Mundy currently has 52.39% of the vote.  

Mundy was elected to the Pennsylvania Superior Court in 2009 and appointed to fill a vacancy on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2016 by Governor Tom Wolf.

Woodruff ran for the Supreme Court in 2015 as well, losing in the primary that year.

8 Responses

  1. I hope Judge Woodruff does not give up and runs again. He is a great person who was screwed by this Administration.

  2. Democrats still control the PA State Supreme Court with a majority of 5-2 so this essentially means nothing. I was hoping for Mundy to lose so it could be 6-1 Democratic but 5-2 Democratic is fine as well.

  3. “Questionable mathematical truth” is a neat way of saying “utterly fraudulent” to explain the defeat of nearly the only Democrat on the East Coast to lose in 2017.

  4. Christine, she has zero chance to make a difference. In case you didn’t look at the makeup of the Supreme Court, she is severely outnumbered. Plus, her rulings lean more democratic than republican. Just sayin…

  5. two questions: why would a DEMOCRAT governor appoint a republican to a supreme court seat without extracting the customary promise that s/he will not run as an incumbent ? and why would any democrat want to waste time and money running against the gubernatorial appointee, given how much $$$$ the GOP pours into such races?

    you can blame dwayne woodruff’s loss on this stupid move by wolfe. ( and on woodruff’s inexperienced campaign staff filing a draft campaign finance report of questionable mathematical truth, thus giving the GOP much fodder for its negative ads …)

    we’ll leave aside for the time being the nepotism practices of the allegheny county court system which still permit judges to appoint members of their families to virtually every taxpayer-funded slot . dwayne’s daughter is a qualified young lawyer. (other judges have 2 or 3 members of their families as clerks, tipstaffs, secretaries… )

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