Municipoll/PoliticsPA Survey: Majority Support Cracking Down on Companies That Hire Illegals

Nearly two out of three likely voters support “legislation that would crack down on construction companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants,” according to a new Municipoll/PoliticsPA survey released on Wednesday.

Support for such legislative action spans all age groups, with the level of support increasing with age.  Among likely voters 18-34 years old, 55 percent of respondents expressed support, as did 71 percent of those between the ages of 50 and 64.

Nearly three out of four Republicans expressed support for the idea, as did 57 percent of Democrats and 68 percent unaffiliated with either major political party.

“From a purely political standpoint, the illegal construction worker bills currently being considered by the legislature are a no-brainer,” Municipoll President Ed Haggerty said.  “ Very few public policy initiatives have this kind of bi-partisan support.”

Click here to read the full survey memo.

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