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Muroff Announces $306K Raised Since Entering the Race

Dan Muroff, democratic candidate for Congress in the 7th district of PA, reported that his campaign raised $306,000 since entering the race, carrying forward $220,000 cash on hand at the end of the quarter. This is reportedly more than any other Democratic challenger facing the 7th district.  

Dan Muroff was the former president of Conservation Voters of PA and Ceasefire PA.

“I am pleased at both the financial and grassroots support my campaign has received. Over the next several months I plan to speak to Democrats about my campaign, my progressive vision and how I’m the strongest democratic challenger ready to run a disciplined and focused campaign able to defeat Pat Meehan.”

Muroff calls Meehan out for claiming to be a moderate but choosing to side with Donald Trump over 86% of the time. Continuing on to promising to stand up to political bullies and Trump and helping his fellow Americans, Muroff is running a progressive campaign that is well funded.

Last week, state Senator Daylin Leach announced he had raised $400,000 in the third quarter.  Democrats Andrew McGinty, Elizabeth Moro, Paul Perry, and Molly Sheehan are also running for the seat.

Update: An earlier version of this report stated Muroff had raised $306,000 in the third quarter.  He has raised this amount since entering the race, including loans made to the campaign.  In the third quarter Muroff raised $76,906.30.

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  1. Perry is out, somebody got dirt on him. Moro was a Repub until 2017. McGinty can’t do math. How did Leach spend 200K? At that rate, he’ll have nothing left for Meehan and he has a lot in general, so not that much left for actual primary. Given it’ll take about $5 to take down Leach for his record, no matter how hard Marcel tries to rig it for him. Nobody is going to vote for somebody who jokes about hitting on 12 year olds and is obsessed with teenage Brittany Spears.

    It’s a 2-person between Muroff and Sheehan. Money doesn’t vote. Muroff is doing a good job raising and not blowing through it but not much energy.

      1. Wouldn’t we all like to know. But it’s gossip and he’s a private citizen now, so what does it matter? It’s not really our business anymore. The real question is: What’s the dirt on Leach? and Google has many of those answers.

  2. Montcowatch-

    Please try to raise 25-cents to buy yourself a clue.

    Muroff moved out of Philly, and actually does live in the 7th district (and originally hails from the district and went to Haverford High).

    A few years ago, Daylin ran for the 13th congressional district (despite not living in that district). Daylin does live in the 7th district.

    So, which Dems are you referring to that aren’t running in districts where they live?

  3. This is the Philly Democratic ward leader, right? Don’t Dems ever run in districts in which they actually live? I know, I know…the federal Constitution doesn’t require that Members of Congress actually live in their districts (ie – Congressman Track Suit), but come on!

    1. Update by PoliticsPA clarifies this point.

      The $306K covers 2nd and 3rd quarters. There is an $80,000 loan and the operating expenses were about $80,000.

      So, Cash on Hand = $220,000
      minus $80,000 Loan
      = $140,000 net available.

      Daylin raise $400,000 and spent $200,000 for a net $200,000 available.

      The thing is that Daylin held off his “official” announcement until after Jun 30th, so he wouldn’t have to report the first quarter. However, it’s common to spend the month or two before the announcement locking down donations with pledged support.

      The FEC site doesn’t have the contribution details available to track whether there is steady fundraising or just some bursts.

      Now that both candidates are announced and filed, future quarters can be compared.

      The other candidates seem to be completely outclassed on net available funds. So, at this point, it seems to be a two-person race and a question about what “spoiler” effect the other candidates will have on the ballot (if they continue).

      Molly Sheehan has $181,000 “cash on hand” minus $170,000 “loan” so net is only $11,000

      Elizabeth Moro has $6,675 cash and $4,000 loan for a net of $2,675

      McGinty somehow managed to raise $1,513, spend $300 and still have $1,800 cash on hand. (I’m not sure how he did his math on that.)

        1. I thought of that, but couldn’t find it on the FEC site, which seemed to list only the current quarter.

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