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Murphy Ad Touts Support from SEPA Dems (Watch Video)

Attorney General hopeful Patrick Murphy’s “Murphy for PA” campaign  has released a new TV advertisement in the Philadelphia area highlighting endorsements from a number of prominent southeast Pa. politicos.

“We need an Attorney General we can count on to prosecute corruption anywhere in Pennsylvania and stand up for the middle class,” says Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.  “That’s why I support Patrick Murphy.”

The video also featured endorsements from former Governor Ed Rendell, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police and a number of labor unions.

Past Murphy advertisements have stressed his commitment to the rights of workers, the environment and a woman’s right to choose.

The Murphy campaign also has an alternate version of the ad running in additional parts of the state which emphasize his endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Murphy, a former Congressman from Bucks County, is running against Kathleen Kane, a former prosecutor from Lackawanna County. His campaign is relying on strong support from southeast Pa., where sources indicate he has focused the bulk of his ad campaign – somewhere around 1,000 gross ratings points.

Dave Freed, Cumberland County District Attorney, is unopposed for the Republican nomination.

10 Responses

  1. Wow I’m sure Murphy is shaking in his boots from the thought of all those votes he won’t be getting in the hugely populated Wilkes Barre area, there must be a jillion more registered Democrats there than in SEPA. Kathleen Kane gave money to the guy who backstabbed Joe Paterno (mere days before losing his life to cancer), evil Tom Corbett. What self-respecting Dem would vote for Kane after she admitted giving money to Corbett’s campaign? Corbett and his minions must be defeated at every turn. JUST SAY NO TO FRACKING AND PATERNO BACKSTABBER TOM CORBETT!

  2. @Kathleen
    Yea, if you’re a Republican. If you’re a Democrat, they are solid endorsements.

  3. Endorsements from Rendell, Allyson Schwartz, Fattah, Nutter and unions is cause enough to immediately eliminate Patrick Murphy from consideration as the highest law officer in the state.

  4. This ad isn’t negative. But Murph is running a negative ad elsewhere in the state. I am a Wilkes Barre taxpayer whose been bilked by the Murphy brothers to the tune of $300 an hour. I am sick of the politics of “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.” Murphy is an insider and so is his brother. Murphy will protect everyone of those politicians whose endorsements he is touting if he gets to be AG. He is the poster boy for political insiders.

  5. WB Dem – How much was your paycheck from Kane’s campaign? What part of this do you think is negative?

  6. Murphy has gone negative because his polling data shows that his once double digit lead is gone. Throw in the brewing controversy in Wilkes-Barre with his brother funneling taxpayer money to Patrick’s law firm Fox Rothschild and the fact that his campaign is in serious debt, and I’d say he is in full meltdown mode. If he makes it through the primary, the Republicans will have a field day with the issue in Wilkes Barre.

  7. Granted, I’m a little biased because I am a political junkie and I love Murphy. However…

    I was at a bar after the Flyers game Friday night, and I saw Kane’s ad and this one (and one from Tom Smith, but that’s besides the point). Kane’s ad I ignored, and this one actively grabbed my attention. Rendell, Schwartz, Nutter and Williams? I thought this was an incredibly effective ad to mobilize SEPA Democrats, and I suspect Murphy has polling data to back that up.

  8. I think people will realize that Murphy has more than one endorsement from a dare I say POLITICIAN!!!!(OMG!!!)…..who doesn’t live in the state. Rendell, Nutter, Williams, and Schwartz are relevant people in our Commonwealth. There all behind Murphy because they know he’s the best qualified and the most electable.

    People may also realize that maybe Kathleen’s running for AG so people don’t investigate her family business. You keep alluding to Murphy protecting special interests and the political elite. Maybe Kathleen is running to protect her rich corporate friends. She’s basically the Pennsylvania version of Mitt Romney. She says whatever to get elect and is trying to buy the office.

  9. Kathleen’s ad actually had her talking, directly, about why she was running and her qualifications. Much better connection with voters.

    Murphy just had all the people he’s promised not to investigate if he’s AG. He might as well have made the tag-line “Elect a politician, not a prosecutor”. LOL!

  10. Kathleen’s ad actually had her talking, directly, about why she was running and her qualifications. Much better connection with voters.

    Murphy just had all the people he’s promised not to investigate if he’s AG. He might as well have make the tag-line “Elect a politician, not a prosecutor”. LOL!

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