Murphy Campaign Unveils Endorsements

Rep. Tim Murphy rolled out a list of 30 endorsements today.

He said in a press release: “I’m honored to receive the support of friends, neighbors and leaders in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We’ve worked together to bring our shared values to Washington to repeal Obamacare, cut government spending, keep taxes low while protecting our Second Amendment rights and the sanctity of human life.”

Notable people on the list include Former Governor Tom Ridge, Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart, State Rep. Mark Mustio, various State GOP Committeemen, and County GOP Chairmen.  The list also lists organizations including National Right to Life, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, and the Fraternal Order of Police, County of Allegheny, Lodge #91.  The complete list can be found below.

Murphy is facing a primary race against former Senate aide Evan Feinberg.  Although Murphy has a steep advantage in fundraising, with fourth-quarter numbers showing nearly $1 million more in cash, this primary has become of national interest to well-known conservatives.  Feinberg has received the endorsements from Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Tom Coburn, for whom Feinberg used to work.

A Super PAC called “The Campaign for Primary Accountability” recently announced that Murphy is one of eleven incumbents it would be targeting in their primary races.  His campaign has also been attacked by the Club for Growth.

Personal Endorsers
Former Governor Tom Ridge
Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart
State Representative Mark Mustio
Allegheny County GOP Chairman Jim Roddey
Greene County GOP Chairman Jim Minor
Washington County GOP Chairman Tom Uram
Greene County Commissioner Archie Trader
State GOP Committeeman Louis Oliverio
State GOP Committeeman R. Douglas Weimer
State GOP Committeeman Charles Horvat, Jr.
State GOP Committeeman Mike McMullen
State GOP Committeeman William Merrell
State GOP Committeeman, Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds Frank Schiefer
State GOP Committeewoman, South West Caucus Chair, Alberta Mercer
State GOP Committeewoman Sallie Duhon
Allegheny County Councilman Vince Gastgeb
Westmoreland County GOP District 2 Chairman Ron Rometo
Westmoreland County GOP District 7 Chairman Chris Kline
Former Washington County District Attorney Steve Toprani
Former Allegheny County Executive Nominee Raja
Former Washington County Commissioner Nominee Bill Northrop
Findlay Town Supervisor Janet Craig
Crescent Township Commissioner Dr. Jerry Keller
Jefferson Hills GOP Chairman Vinnie Wright
Monroeville GOP Chairman John Vossen
Rosslyn Farms GOP Chairman Russell Silver
Whitehall GOP Chairman Andy Sakmar
Robinson Township GOP Chairwoman Linda Jakubec
Findlay GOP Chairwoman, First Vice Chair PA State Republican Women Meryl Hatton
Findlay GOP Treasurer/Secretary Patricia Faux

National Right to Life
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
Fraternal Order of Police, County of Allegheny, Lodge #91

7 Responses

  1. Yup. Tim Murphy sure got a lot of support from the usual suspects. I understand that the GOP Chairman will endorse, and that Big Government GOP former Rep Melissa Hart will endorse and that Union Lackey Mustio will do the same. Funny, how no local grass roots or unbiased national groups have endorsed. Check out for the real info on Mr. Murphy’s liberal voting record.

  2. Since they so desperately want to close the 911th, I’m not surprised Evan Fineburg and the Bob Howards would attack Tim for earning the trust and support of honorable veterans like Tom Ridge. I doubt evan even knows who Gov. Ridge is!

  3. People don’t understand the term RINO. Former Senator Lincoln Chaffe and Arlen Spector are RINOs not Congressman Murphy. You may define him moderate but he is no where close to liberal. I would define him conservative.

  4. Are these the same Committeemen and women who endorsed Steve Welch for Senate? I am glad they are so in touch with the people of Western Pennsylvania and know what is best for all of us lowly voters. I don’t know what I would do without their guidance!

  5. What? No one from Washington on the list? No one from Oklahoma? No one from Kentucky?

    The only out of state people talking about Murphy today are at Club for Growth were he was rated second only to Joe Pitts. Not bad for a congressman who is totally anti-business and totally owned by big labor.

  6. Pennsylvania’s Republican Establishment is endorsing the Establishment Republican in this race? Shocker! The shocking part is that the incumbent thought it was important to put into a press release as if it is news. Isn’t it understood?

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