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Murphy Opens Wide Lead in Endorsement Race

Attorney General hopeful Patrick Murphy this week picked up the support of a number of Lehigh Valley Democrats and the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, adding to his significant list of endorsements.

“As the son of a Philadelphia Police officer, Patrick is an experienced leader who understands law enforcement, and has always fought for us,” said FOP 5 President John McNesby. “Patrick has always done whatever it takes to keep our families safe, and Lodge 5 is proud to endorse him for Attorney General.”

FOP 5 represents 14,600 active and retired officers of the Philadelphia police and sheriff’s departments. Murphy’s father was a member, and Murphy named McNesby his campaign chairman at Tuesday’s event.

“It is critical that the next Attorney General understand the challenges faced by local law enforcement and an advocate for the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our families. As Attorney General, I will be the partner that local police need to fight crime and keep our streets safe,” Murphy said.

Former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane is also running in the Democratic primary, as is Former Pa. Auditor General and former Congressman Don Bailey. The Republican candidate is Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed.

A representative from Kane’s campaign was on hand at Tuesday’s FOP event, according to the Philly Daily News. He handed copies out the following statement from Kane:

“I am fine with the head of FOP Lodge #5 looking after the son of a member. I have worked with police officers for most of my career and know that they are very loyal. Some of my best friends are officers and state troopers and became so on the job. They know I have been on the front line with them and always will be. Rank and file officers know what I am talking about.”

Murphy, a former Congressman from Bucks County, also picked up over a dozen endorsements from Lehigh Valley Democrats on Monday:

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski
Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan
Easton Mayor Sal Panto
Whitehall Mayor Ed Hozza
State representative Joe Brennan
State representative Bob freeman
State representative Jennifer Mann
Lehigh County Sheriff Ron Rossi
Northampton County Controller Steve Barron, Jr.
Allentown Controller Maryellen Koval
Allentown Council Members: Council President Julio Guridy, Ray O’Connell, Mike Schlossberg & Pete Schweyer
Bethlehem Treasurer Kiaja Farber
Easton Council Members: Ken Brown & Sandra Vulcano
Northampton County Democratic Committee Chair Walt Garvin

State of the Race

Murphy’s campaign strategy is to be the Democratic party warrior in the race, and it has paid off in his numerous endorsements. But it also carries liabilities, like this headline from the PA Independent: “Attorney general candidate’s email raises concerns of political agenda.”

The story details a fundraising email from Murphy’s campaign in which he says that Republicans, “are more dangerous than ever,” and he is “running for attorney general to defend our state from the GOP’s extreme agenda.”

“The attorney general has to be very careful not to be overly partisan, and not to get caught up in partisan politics,” Franklin and Marshall political scientist Terry Madonna told the PA Independent. “I don’t remember a time when you had these kinds of issues in an election for that office.”

Kane, on the other hand, has campaigned under the tagline “A prosecutor, not a politician” – emphasizing her work in the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s office. She’s pulled in only a handful of endorsements, including the Beaver and Westmoreland County Democratic committees.

“Our campaign has and will continue to focus on communicating our message directly to the voters of Pennsylvania,” said Kane communications director Josh Morrow. “We greatly appreciate the many important endorsements we’ve received to date and look forward to earning many more.”

It’s too soon to discern Bailey’s long term strategy, given his recent entry into the race.

This is Murphy’s full endorsement list, minus the Lehigh Valley Dems:

Elected Officials

Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania Governor
Jason Altmire, U.S. Rep.
Bob Brady, U.S. Rep.
Mark Critz, U.S. Rep
Mike Doyle, U.S. Rep.
Chaka Fattah, U.S. Rep.
Tim Holden, U.S. Rep.
Allyson Schwartz, U.S. Rep
Ron Klink, Former U.S. Rep.
Kathy Dahlkemper, Former U.S. Rep.
Paul Kanjorski, Former U.S. Rep.
Harris Wofford, Former U.S. Senator
Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County Executive
Dan Onorato, Former Allegheny County Executive
Seth Williams, Philadelphia District Attorney
bJohn Hanger, Former Secretary of PA Department of Environmental Protection
Joe Kohn, Former Democratic Candidate for PA AG
Michael Nutter, Philadelphia Mayor
C. Kim Bracey, York Mayor
Tom Leighton, Wilkes-Barre Mayor
J. Richard Gray, Lancaster Mayor
Rick Vilello, Lock Haven Mayor
Rick Lowe, Mayor of Swarthmore
Chelsa Wagner, Allegheny County Controller
Mike Lamb, Pittsburgh City Controller
Edward Cernic, Jr., Cambria County Controller
Diane Marseglia, Bucks County Commissioner
Josh Shapiro, Montgomery County Commissioner
Leslie Richards, Montgomery County Commissioner
Ted Kopas, Westmoreland County Commissioner
Mark McCracken, Clearfield County Commissioner
Connie Kough Pittenger, Huntingdon County Commissioner
Wayne Fontana, State Senator
Daylin Leach, State Senator
Mike Gerber, State Rep.
Dan Frankel, State Rep.
Matt Smith, State Rep.
Dan Deasy, State Rep.
Larry Curry, State Rep.
John Galloway, State Rep.
Tina Davis, State Rep.
Steve Santarsiero, State Rep.
Margo Davidson, State Rep.
Thaddeus Kirkland, State Rep.
Michael O’Brien, State Rep.
Dwight Evans, State Rep.
Ron Waters, State Rep.
Michael McGeehan, State Rep.
Tony Payton, State Rep.
Mike Carroll, State. Rep.
Phillys Mundy, State Rep.
Eddie Day Pashinski, State Rep.
Steve Samuelson, State Rep.
Bud George, State Rep.
Pat Harkins, State Rep.
Florindo “Flo” Fabrizio, State Rep.
Rick Taylor, Former State Rep.
Maria Quinones Sanchez, Philadelphia City Council
Bill Greenlee, Philadelphia City Council
Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh City Council
Brad Koplinski, Harrisburg City Council
Patty Kim, Harrisburg City Council

Democratic Party Leaders

TJ Rooney, Former Chair, PA Dems
John Cordisco, Chair, Bucks County
Marcel Groen, Chair, Montgomery County
David Landau, Chair, Delaware County
Greg Stewart, Chair, Centre County
Chris Tarsa, Chair, Lebanon County
Susan Hartman, Chair, Huntingdon County
Roger Lund, Chair, Adams County and State Committee South Central Caucus Chair
Frank Rosenhoover, Chair, Blair County and State Committee North Central Caucus Chair
Kathy Kane, Luzerne County
Don Hilliard, Chair, Jefferson County
Rick Thomas, Chair, Union County
Jessie Bloom, Chair, Lycoming County
Larry Kriess, Former Chair, Butler County
Richard Christofer, Chair, Lawrence County
Bar Johnston, Chair, Lehigh County
Rick Daugherty, Former Chair, Lehigh County
Sally Lyall, Chair, Lancaster County
William O’Gurek, Chair, Carbon County
Gail McDermott, Former Chair, Cumberland County
Thomas Spangler, Chair, Snyder County
Dennis Noble, Chair, Mifflin County
Bill Cramer, former Chair, Juniata County
Rheon Gelvin, Chair, Fulton County
Bob Borzok, Chair, Tioga County
Emmett Harrity, Vice-Chair, Delaware County

Labor Leaders

PA Conference of Teamsters
United Steelworkers
Laborers’ District Council of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity
Laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania
Laborers’ District Council of Eastern Pennsylvania
Service Employees International Union
PA State Council of Sheet Metal Workers
American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania
International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 126
Sprinkler Fitters Local 692
Plumbers Union Local 690
Ironworkers Local 401
Boilermakers Local 13
Boilermakers Local 19
American Postal Workers Union Local 7048
Communications Workers of America Local 13000
Steamfitters’ Local Union 420
Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers’ and Grain Millers Local 6
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 3
Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association
International Union of Elevator Constructors Local Union 5


Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5
Human Rights Campaign
Pennsylvania Young Democrats
Bucks County Democratic Committee
Chester County Democratic Committee
Delaware County Democratic Committee
Lancaster County Democratic Committee
Luzerne County Democratic Committee
Montgomery County Democratic Committee
Philadelphia Democratic City Committee

39 Responses

  1. And by the way, if Bailey were such a great honorable guy why in the world would everyone but his family, friends and clients be out to “GET HIM” and have been attempting to do so over 28 years; that’s quite a long time to be carrying out a vendetta or grudge for one little man who is a self proclaimed low-key, law abiding, super attorney, family man who fights only for the “wronged people” and is so “peaceful” ; this must be one special guy that this lynch mobbing has been going on for such a long time! Bailey obviously thinks he the only one who fights for civil rights, justice and for the “little people” or a so-called “decorated” military vet in this world or state for that matter; think again, Bailey; your gravely mistaken and to be grandstanding yourself as so is very conceited and the act of nothing more than a dirty politician!

  2. Amicus Curiae:
    You bet Bailey’s being discussed; but definitely NOT in the positive way you would “think” and Bailey is most definitely being discussed or laughed at should I say more than what’s being presented here. If Bailey had any sense whatsoever, he certainly would not be welcoming the honest to God’s truth coming out like this; only shows his mental stability as well as yours and all his other supporters. “Bailey is a Joke” hit the nail right on the head as well! I mean come on, Bailey didn’t even come in first in his own hometown; Kane humiliated him w/a whopping 67 and Bailey got like what 30 something; pretty embarrassing if you ask me. And Bailey’s wife and her fraudulent petitions & Bailey offers to Mr. Murphy to have them discarded; if there were no guilt here; why offer to have them discarded? Good luck Bailey if you truly think you can win an election with just the votes of your family, friends and clients – which by the way are the only people who support you and believe you anyway; all the power to you, you poor ignorant fool.

  3. Well said, Say NO WAY to Bailey. The man has a serious personality disorder, the most prominent symptom of which is his persecution complex. Everyone is persecuting him, while he is the noble champion for the oppressed. He prides himself on taking cases that no other lawyer would take. Real lawyers know that no other lawyer would take the cases because it is grossly unethical (if not criminal) to take money from clients for cases that are dead on arrival, devoid of any factual or legal support. But Bailey asks his clients to make regular payments, and, believing that he’s taking on The Man, they pay it. His work is sloppy and disorganized. And when the invevitable decision comes down against his client, it’s the judge’s fault — part of the conspiracy against Don Bailey. What a complete nutjob.

  4. According to Bailey Federal judges are corrupt, well, all the courts in general for that matter; PA State Police are corrupt, etc. & they are all “out to get him” and have been for over 28 years and now opposing AG candidates are out to get him and his “poor” wife, come on people can’t anyone else see the lunacy here? People, I urge you look deeper into this guy’s history. He’s currently facing disciplinary action still pending; his former partner, Andrew Ostrowski is currently suspended for professional misconduct and unethical conduct, & so admitted by Ostrowski as well (see Opinion@PA Disciplinary Bd website) but yet Bailey still supports him and employs him to assist w/his cases, what law abiding, ethical person would continue to do this? All I can say is
    “God Help Us All” if Bailey gets into office w/his band of “cronies” at his side & his paranoia. Bailey is nothing but a politician at heart and always has been, he “practices” law, but never tries cases in court anyone who knows him, knows he hires other attorneys to do it for him; strange or unusual wouldn’t you say. We do not need a Drama King in office, vote for Kane the best candidate here as she’s doing the job now and she’s a woman! Woo Hoo!!!!

  5. Pat Murphy is a fraud. Bucks County got to know him and tossed his behind out in 2010. I will be voting for Dave Freed.

  6. I’m not saying it *should* be a political post. I’m just saying that it *is* one.

  7. Not all militant stay balanced afterwards. If Murphy is threatening a family over an election, there you have it. A lifetime of public service? Murpheys not that old so thats a joke.

  8. Yes, he is a decorated veteran, life-time of public of service piece of scum.

    You are pathetic.

  9. I guess Murphys another piece of scum we can throw in a cell!

  10. I am the wife of Don Bailey and I am very disappointed in Mr. Murphy and his campaign staff. I have been accused by his campaign as being a criminal which I am extremely upset over these accusations. They are completely false! I want the public to know that this gentlemen isn’t the person they think. Anyone who threatens someones family if they don’t get out of the race is not the person you want for Attorney General. This is what my husband has been fighting for for years in this state. I am extremely disappointed in his actions and hope the people of Pa take a deeper look at this co-called candidate.

  11. All were hearing is Kane & Abel, oops, sorry,.Murphy going at it. Good, while you two go at it we have an election to win! Don Bailey for Attorney General

  12. “WashPA”

    You call Kane a “worthless campaigner”. I’m telling you make sure you are Qualified for a job before you go campaign for one. Little tip for you there in the real world. Can’t wait to see Kane win WashCo.!!!

  13. These are “Murphys moles.”. Btw…. They should do a different kind of exam (don’t worry murphys moles… not the pa bar exam) but a little exam hitting on the ins and outs of several distinct areas of law.

    I think it would be telling. Very telling. Anyone who thinks that the AG is or should be a political post… is completely foolish.

  14. See the delco dems and their “leader” are on the list…heard there are issues with how the vote was done…smacks of the kind of backroom political deal making that would dominate a Murphy AGs office…seems like his “supporters” is a whos who of PA Politics…not a good sign for “independence.” All of the Murphy lovers here talk about is his political maneuvering. I assume they are conceding Murphy cannot compete wiht Kathleen Kane on substance.
    The facts of an experience comparison, to me, leaves no question that I would like to see Kathleen Kane as Attorney General – the first female and first Democrat Attorney General…very powerful stuff.

  15. Not only does Kathleen Kane have no record raising money, gaining endorsements, and getting her message across in new and traditional media – she has proven herself to be very bad at all three.

    She is a worthless campaigner and will lose a general

  16. As much as we might like to think (or pretend) otherwise, the state Attorney General’s office is an elected political post. You need to have the ability to raise money, gain endorsements, and get your message across in new and traditional media. That’s how you win elections.

    Patrick Murphy has a track record of doing these things effectively, and Kathleen Kane does not.

  17. Your candidate is “far less able” than Kane with respect to the pre-existing political loyalties, which compromise his ability to do the job in an impartial manner.

    And we’ve already covered “Kane is able” and far more so when it comes to being qualified for the job. One only needs to listen to Patrick’s generalized and substance-lacking answers on some of the specific issues…. Such as parole boards.

  18. Steelblitz, It seems as if we are both Democrats, so I do not want to get in an argument here, but let me respond objectively.

    Kane has raised no money outside of her family’s serious committment of $2M. So what happens if she buys herself a primary win? The Republicans have traditionally spent $4 million to win this seat every General election.

    So now you are hoping a woman with no political experience will be able to raise money across the state after she has struck out before. I know her family made a lot of money off of their Liquor Control Board contract, but I do not see them spending $6 million to get her elected to her first office.

    How independent will she be with the LCB when there is a clear conflict of interest with her family’s business?

    Kane is NOT able!

  19. The Endorsements demonstrate that Patrick Murphy is not independent of the party establishment and will, likely, politicize the Attorney General’s office and it would seem evident that Patrick Murphy views the AG job as a stepping stone to higher office.

    Kathleen Kane is a prosecutor with experience, and independent of the party establishment and without ambition for higher political office.

  20. With all the corruption on the part of PA public officials, the last thing I want to see from an AG candidate is a list of political endorsements. Makes me wonder whether he will need to protect them if he wins the office. Murphy has no chance in the general election. His liberal record will be torn apart by the Repubs. Kane is the only Dem chance for a Nov win

  21. Mr Bailey is the one to beat. HE HAS THE HEART & Soul to rid Pa of the dirty gangsters who call theirselves Judges & Politicians. Its gonna take someone stronger than that person whos being putting away the perverts, if you will. Pa for Don Bailey.

  22. Good point… who has heard of her?

    Have you noticed that it is the same two guys defending Kane and coming at Murphy on every single piece about the race?

    And unless you go and change the name you are leaving the comments under; it will be abundantly obvious to every other reader that Kane has virtually zero support compared to Murphy.

    What she has over Murphy is her husband’s money. So.. she can buy the primary, but she sure as hell isn’t winning the general.

  23. Charlie Mike-

    Good and fair question. Last time i checked experience is a good thing. We have 2 super candidates and the Republicans have none. Specifically, we are dealing with the aftermath of the largest scandal that’s ever rocked our state. Kanes extensive experience and knowledge as a prosecutor, particularly spending multiple years prosecuting child abuse and sexual assault cases is what sets her apart from the other candidates. When people get in the voting booth they are going to be thinking first and foremost about the Penn State scandal.

    Then when asking yourself, who is the best candidate to handle and oversee the prosecution of this case? The answer is clear, as Kathleen is the only candidate we have with experience prosecuting civil and criminal cases under Pennsylvania law She is best suited to make sure justice is done with respect to the Sandusky case.

    Further, the attorney generals office is not supposed to be a politically motivated office. I believe Kathleen is best situated to step in and run it as such. She’s never been a political officeholder and will be a breath of fresh air in the office after years of having someone like Tom Corbett.

    I believe the question we should as is, who is best-suited and who has credentials on-point to handle a difficult transition with the Penn State case (as opposed to assessing the last 30 years.) I think and understand how PM can be an appealing candidate. However, Kane will be the most difficult for republicans to handle statewide. I think GOP will “copy and paste” Fitz ads.

  24. The bottom line here is its the citizens of this state who will have the final say, not these politician endorsers. Niether of the candidates have the balls to expose & do something about the corruptness in Pa but one. With that being said, I think will take the guy with the biggest balls, Mr Bailey all the way!!!

  25. @David – the Beaver and WM Dems are the only ones I know of. I asked the Kane folks for a list, they specifically declined to give one.

  26. Fair & Balanced? ? ?

    How about a list of Kane’s endorsements? ?

    Otherwise, this article becomes an ad for Murphy.

  27. Steelblitz, What makes Kathleen Kane different from any other Democratic Attorney General candidate over the last 30 years that have also had years of experience as an ADA but lost in the General election? Patrick bring the diverse background, is a veteran and comes from a law enforcement family. The only people who want to see Kane win are the Republicans.

  28. “Seamus”…

    Out west here in general you get fired if you don’t bring home pork. In lieu of my x-mas or birthday card this year, pls. send pork 🙂 j/k

    All jokes aside, what’s with this email deal?

  29. Insider influence here. I’m not sure how electable he is statewide. I guess it remains to be seen, but I think he’s more of a southeastern regional candidate. I salute him for being a veteran and a great person.

    And yes, in terms of LEGAL cred, to anyone above a 5th grade education without a brown nose… he is definitely a JV QB in comparison to Kane and her “thousands and thousands of cases”.

  30. Patrick is a vet, that is enough for me.

    It also doesn’t hurt that he prosecuted terrorists. Putting our nation’s enemies away; that’s what I like to see.

  31. Oh yeah, twelve years as an ADA in a small town is definitely enough to go up against a DA with a lifetime of experience.

    Also, how do you think Murphy got so many friends? You think when he was a Congressman in Bucks county he was bringing home pork Butler county?

    No, he earned their respect for his hard work and ability to get things done.

  32. This article is best analogized by the example of the jv quarterback with far less experience, who expects to start for the team over the D1 recruit because his Dad is the coach.

    Point being, the better candidate in terms of experience and know-how is Kane obviously, but Murphy has alot of political friends that would endorse him regardless if he was less qualified than his opponent.

  33. Usually try to stay away from the establishment candidate, but this guy definitely has something going for him.

    He absolutely has my vote over Kane in the primary.

  34. It is awesome to see Patrick doing so well!

    Having just graduated and moved back to Pennsylvania, I am so exited to be able vote for Patrick again.

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