Murphy Poll: Murphy 60, Maggi 26

Murphy, left, and Maggi

While it may be short, the one page memo released by Tim Murphy’s campaign carries a lot of weight. According to numbers from an internal poll released by the Congressman’s campaign on Monday, the Republican incumbent holds a hefty 34 point lead over his opponent Larry Maggi.

“Congressman Murphy leads Democrat Larry Maggi by a very wide margin among the district’s likely voters (60 percent-26 percent),” states the poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of the Murphy campaign. The detailed poll also includes facts on certain demographics, such as Murphy’s lead amongst seniors (62 percent-22 percent), Independents (64 percent-14 percent), and a tie among registered Democrats (42 percent-42 percent).

The poll also emphasizes the high number of registered Democrats in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, 50 percent of which indicate Murphy as having a positive image (only 28 percent giving him an unfavorable image). “Given Tim Murphy’s very positive image and strong support on the ballot, the Congressman is in terrific shape heading into the final weeks of this campaign,” ends the memo.

The release was first reported by Early Returns.

As with every internal poll, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Although internals can be accurate, they tend to offer only partial information. The aim of releasing this one, most likely, is an effort to put a damper on any last-minute fundraising by Maggi. This is the only polling that has been made public about the race between Murphy and Maggi thus far as no independent or public polls have yet been conducted.

Maggi, a Washington County Commissioner, has hammered Murphy for his vote in favor of the House GOP budget in a district that includes a high proportion of seniors.

Although it seems the numbers may not be in their favor, the Maggi campaign has refused to give up hope for a victory in the upcoming election. “We are going to win this election because Larry Maggi fits this district and Tim Murphy’s voting record is out of step with Southwest Pennsylvania,” said Bradley Komar, Campaign Manager.

Komar declined to release the Maggi campaign’s own numbers, but said that their polling is considerably different.

This news comes just a few days after the DCCC cut back on ad funding in Southwestern Pennsylvania, acknowledging the uphill climb to be faced by the Democrats in the Pittsburgh area.

7 Responses

  1. Representative Murphy is a “dud” of a politician and representative of the people. He never campaigns locally in
    an open public meeting. His vote is an automatic republican
    vote. By voting for him, you have lost your voting power by
    giving it away to the rich and big business interest.

    Where have you seen him in a debate with his opponent? When have you gotten the opportunity to talk to him at a
    campaign event? You only see him at picture taking opportunities. One of the political DUDS and he has been
    our representative in Congress. Vote him out of office.

  2. Texas Timmy Solobay? He’s going to get crushed in 2014. He sold out his constituents for Super Bowl tickets and dirty Marcellus Money and everyone knows it.

  3. First of all the democratic party approached Maggi because he wins Washington County and barely puts up a sign. THEY wanted him to pull votes for Obama, but instead Obama will pull votes for him in Alleghney where Obama signs and Maggi signs are everywhere.
    The democrats should have gone after Solobay who has been in both Washington and Greene Counties and works hard to get the vote. Or they should have gone after a female. Murphy better hope Irey Vaughn wins Treasurer or she could go after him next!
    If Maggi loses this it’s his parties fault, have you seen them push any democrats locally?

  4. Larry Maggi is done squandering our resources. He’s wasted this opportunity…again. A complete birdbrain. We Democrats need to put our time and money behind someone who has a shot of winning. Larry’s a sleazebag who used our money to retire his old campaign debt and pay his family.

  5. Larry Maggi can’t win Democrats because he insults them in his ads. Larry can’t win independents because he lies about Murphy. He can’t win conservatives because he supports Obama, and he can’t win Washington County because he’s a pay-raising pig whose collecting three government pensions while at the same time he’s cutting pensions for civil servants.

  6. The DCCC got behind Maggi a decade ago when he came in an embarrassing 3rd in the Democrat primary for this seat in 2002. Who knows why Larry thought this was his year to try again but better question is when are the Democrat party leaders going to realize Larry Maggi is the worst horse to bet on for this seat? Put this donkey out to pasture…for good.

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