Murphy Whacks Feinberg in Mailers

Rep. Tim Murphy and his campaign are confident of a win on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving challenger Evan Feinberg a free pass. In mailers and radio ads, they accuse Feinberg’s stridently conservative views of jeopardizing local interests.

The charges include: Feinberg wants to shut down the 911th Airlift Wing and a V.A. hospital. You can see a second mailer here, courtesy of the PG’s Early Returns.

“When I got into this race, I predicted he’d do anything to get re-elected.  My prediction has now come true. Murphy is desperately running demonstrably false negative ads and sending out completely fabricated information in the mail,” Feinberg responded in an email to supporters.

“Mr. Feinberg and his out-of-state supporters have been running an extremely negative campaign full of half-truths and lies since Feinberg moved into the Congressman’s district last December,” said Murphy campaign manager James Genovese.

“We stand behind every point of fact highlighted by our campaign.”

You can view even more lines of attack, with citations, at Murphy’s campaign website. Feinberg has a detailed response to each point from the mailer at his website here – including to the 911 and VA hits.

5 Responses

  1. Seriously. Did Evan Feinberg think he would land in Pittsburgh in December and get elected to the United States CONGRESS in April having nothing more than a think tank and senate aide to boast on his sparse resume? Get a dang clue Evan. You are a joke. Quit yunz whining and get a job. Earn your stripes, son.

  2. Finally! shut this Whineberg down. So sick of his pompous rants and his Little Ceasar ego. What exactly did Feinberg do in his life worthy of praise? Nothing. Now everyone is pointing and laughing at Evan Feinberg getting his pants pulled down. He deserves it. Bravo Murphy! Send him back to Washington DC pronto.

  3. Tim Murphy is a pathetic career politician who is full of himself. Feinberg is being attacked because he is young. “Hasnt lived, worked, paid taxes in SW PA in 9 years”. This is because Feinberg was in college and then worked for CONSERVATIVE think tanks in DC. Murphy is a tool.

  4. Ha.
    #6. Shook hands with Barack Obama.
    #7. Breathed same air as Pelosi.
    #8. Rented property to a democrat.
    #9. Smiled approvingly to Scaringi.
    #10. Ate a dog.

  5. #1. Stood Beside Liberal Attack Group?
    WTF does that mean?
    If Lucifer moved in next door, would that be: “No one is closer to Satan than Feinberg?”

    I like the “We stand behind every point of fact highlighted by our campaign.”
    Waaaaaay behind.

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