NBC Moves PA Back to “Lean Dem”

NBC Map 8-15-16NBC News is moving Pennsylvania back to the blue column.

After initially classifying PA as Lean Dem in May and making it a Tossup in July, it has now become Lean Dem again.

Since last month, NBC has moved Colorado, Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia from Tossup to Lean Dem.

Georgia was shifted from Lean GOP to Tossup. Kansas and South Carolina have also gone from Likely GOP to Lean GOP.

The only state to move Trump’s way was Florida, which went from Lean Dem to Tossup.

In May, the electoral scoreboard was: Clinton 253 Trump 190 Tossup 95. In July it was: Clinton 255 Trump 190 Tossup 93. This month it is: Clinton 288 Trump 174 Tossup 76.

It takes 270 electoral votes to win the election.

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2 thoughts on “NBC Moves PA Back to “Lean Dem””

  1. kraig001 says:

    Oh it’s leaning Dem alright. So much so that it’s about to crash down on The Donald’s fat, orange head.

  2. Alison says:

    No kidding.

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