NBC/WSJ/Marist Poll: Clinton 51% Trump 37%

hillary-clinton-happyHillary Clinton’s lead in PA is now as high, in fact higher, than it was after the Democratic National Convention in Philly.

That’s according to the latest NBC/WSJ/Marist poll which has Clinton ahead by fourteen points. Clinton received 51% while Donald Trump got 37% among likely voters.

In the four-way survey, Clinton got 49% while Trump stayed at 37%. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein got 6% and 4% respectively.

Back in August, right after the DNC, the Democratic nominee was up by eleven.

It is worth pointing out that this survey was done before Friday’s revelation about Donald Trump’s 2005 comments on women.

Favorables and Demographics

The favorable/unfavorable split for Hillary Clinton was 46/51. Trump, meanwhile, posted a 32/64 split.

The following demographics supported Clinton: Democrats (91/6), African-Americans (88/6), liberals (84/9), Philadelphia residents (74/21), Philadelphia suburbs residents (64/28), moderates (59/28), college graduates (59/30), white college graduates (58/32), women (56/35), those making less than $50,000 a year (55/38), 18 to 29 year-olds (54/37), non-Veterans (53/38), white women (52/39), 60 years old or older (52/41), 30 to 44 year-olds (51/33), those making $50,000 a year or more (49/39), 45 to 59 year-olds (48/42), whites (47/44), men (45/43), Central PA residents (45/43) and independents (43/35).

The following demographics supported Trump: Republicans (85/8), tea party supporters (75/18), conservatives (74/17), white evangelical Christians (62/26), white non-college graduates (53/37), Northeast residents (49/39), white men (49/40), Veterans (48/37), non-college graduates (46/45) and Western residents (45/42).

NBC/Marist surveyed 709 likely Pennsylvania voters from October 3rd to 6th. The margin of error is +/-3.7%.

12 Responses

  1. Hey Pat Unger Is Trumpy really “A PUSSY GRABBER CON MAN ASSHOLE”? What does that make you putz? a troll on Politics PA who wants to elect a criminal felon to be President! Be my guest and vote for her! IF, she is elected, you will come to rue the day you ever voted for this lying felon as she destroys this country!

  2. The pussy-grabber con-man asshole will end up way below 40% when all is said and done. He will get DESTROYED by a woman. And the Republican Party will have to decide what to do about the alt-right garbage that has taken over their party.

    They let this happen. They abandoned Country for Politics. They will pay the price for that.


    “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the Hemisphere,” she said in the May 2013 speech to the Brazilian bank Banco Itau.

    This would mean 600 million more people crowding into America, doubling our population with the present circumstances already costing $113 Billion dollars plus annually. Added to these open borders, with no enforcement more slaughtered American citizens? goo.gl/SdBzBn; more incomprehensible costs. Madam Hillary forgets there is a “Silent Majority” who will appear to vote. People, who have credence in the polls, will likely be disappointed as few Americans trust in polls can be manipulated. But now with numerous instances of Democratic “Voter Fraud” who knows what the end of the election campaign will bring? As for Paul Ryan, Republican elites, he is showing his true colors. If Donald Trump wins, his proponents in both parties will not be reelected?

  4. Great likely voter sample, for the D’s — + plus 13% D’s (good luck getting that turnout) and 44% college graduates (again, good luck with that). Kind of swings the results for Clinton and the D senate candidate.

  5. Republicans had 16 choices and they picked Donald Trump. He is not fit to be President or knowledgably or experienced. They had Bush, Rubio, Kasich and 2-3 others that should of chosen or combination of those folks. I’m glad they didn’t and I will be voting for Clinton. Some of the talking points are getting old. Democrats are taking your guns away. Did Obama, Clinton or Carter do that? Simple gun rules is not taking your guns away.

  6. Tim, did you forget that Trump defended Bill up until he ran out of names to call Hillary and needed your vote. Trumps is also a liar, criminal, a felon and a traitor so why is it okay for one and not the other. You retards need to pull your heads and, turn off CNN and Fox and do your own homework on candidates. You’ll find there is a real candidate who has been talking about the issues the ClinTrump twins have been avoiding, has a successful track record and is not a liar, criminal or traitor.

    Defending Trump by pointing out Climton’s bs and vice versa is idiotic. It just shows that they are exactly the same. Support for either is arbitrary.

  7. Yes you’re right for once in your life- Trump is NOT going anywhere. He’ll still be in Trump Towers while Hilary is in the White House.

  8. You know we’ve jumped the shark when REPUBLICANS criticize a candidate for being too cozy with Wall Street. You guys are freaking Wall Street!

  9. I’ll bet she’s a Muslim foreigner Communist Socialist whose out to take yer guns too!

  10. If Americans had a chance to read the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches Transcripts, she would be down by 40 points. More important than Trumps tax returns are whats inside those transcripts, we have an inkling with the POdesta files leaked by Wikileaks Friday. Trump is not going away. Bill Clinton is a rapists who ravaged many women while Crooked Hillary enabled him and then raped the women again by threatening them by telling them she would “destroy” them. She is morally unfit to be the president. She is a liar, a criminal, a felon and a traitor to America in my opinion. If she is elected you will find out none too soon. But, in the meantime, Trumpy isn’t going anywhere!

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