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NEPA Newspapers Back Cartwright

Matt Cartwright, the Lackawanna County attorney challenging Rep. Tim Holden, woke up to good news Sunday morning. The editorial board of the Scranton Times-Tribune backed his candidacy, as did Wilkes-Barre Times Leader columnist Kevin Blaum. Update: so too the W-B Citizens Voice.

In its endorsement – an indictment of out-of-towner Holden more than support of Cartwright – the Times-Tribune wrote:

The editorial board endorses Scranton lawyer Matt Cartwright.

Mr. Holden has voted against progressive initiatives such as the most sweeping housing finance reforms, greater consumer protections, energy reform and health care reform.

In an interview, Mr. Holden declared that he always had heeded the advice of the late Rep. John Murtha, who had told him to keep his mouth shut and make friends. In keeping with that approach, Mr. Holden refused to debate Mr. Cartwright while visiting county Democratic committees in search of endorsements.

Blaum is a former state Rep. and Times-Leader columnist who has previously criticized Holden for his refusal to debate Cartwright. He wrote:

Throughout this campaign Matt Cartwright has demonstrated an extraordinary energy, intelligence and the natural leadership that the job requires and that the Pennsylvania congressional delegation so desperately needs.

Cartwright has all the tools. He is the most promising congressional candidate I’ve seen from this region in more than three decades.

The Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice, which shares ownership with the Times Tribune, echoed its endorsement of Cartwright:

Cartwright promises to be a more vocal advocate for programs and legislation that will improve the lives of average citizens in Wilkes-Barre, Pittston and other cities and towns across Northeastern Pennsylvania, including tariffs to counter what he calls unfair trading practices by China, improvements to our transportation infrastructure, tax policies that will moderate income inequality and reasonable defense cuts.

He speaks more passionately about his positions and promises to advance them more vigorously.

The 17th Congressional District is, in effect, a new district. Its residents deserve new, more active leadership.

5 Responses

  1. BobO-Part of the math was voter turn out- the Democratic turn out in Schuylkill turned out to be just over 30 % ( aboout 40% overall) and he took 85 % of the vote- losing 57% TO 43%- Had there been a better turnout (let’s say 60%) it would have been alot closer- You are right in stating that the southern redistricting was heavy Republican- but the idea was “winning” that area so it would require both a turnout and heavy win in the W-B/Scranton area to win.— As we have now seen both that and the disappointing Sch Co. turnout gave Mr Cartwright the win-

  2. I am not sure I agree with your math, if by Schuylkill county and southern vote you mean the parts of 17th that were included pre redistricting. Assuming Tim gets 90% of that entire area(not just the Schuylkill county area) Matt would still win with 61% of the “new area.” Can you expand on how you got the 70% number for Scranton/W-B? I am guessing you included the republican population (non primary voting) or Monroe County population in the original area.

  3. I’m sure Attrny Cartwight is a good man and a good lawyer- but if a Scranton man didn’t get the backing of the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre papers- he shouldn’t be running at all. Mr Cartwright will need a 70% or more vote from the Scranton/W-B area to offset the 90% Schuylkill county vote and the 60% southern vote. Even Daulphin Co (the center of our Capitol) voted for Holden after the last re-allignment-why- because he was popular with both parties. Mr Cartwright’s assertion to be more ‘left’ and more of a “Democract” is leaving that seat wide open to Republican take over in a National Election- but hey, I’m just a voter !

  4. Seriously Kevin? You’ve no idea what the heck your talking about. Being a congressman is about so much more than authoring bills. There are over 400 members if congress. Every one of them can write s bill, and more than 90% of those bills go no where. But Holden does so much more than that. How about that cancer center in Hershey. Holden secured the funding for that. I’m one of thousands of people who Holden has helped over the years. When my dad passed away, we couldn’t find his army paperwork because it was lost in the flood in 72 and we wanted to make sure he got the recognition he deserved because he was a World War II vet. Congressman Holden and his staff were went above and beyond their jobs and made sure everything was done for us. That’s what a good congressman does. And my family isn’t one of those well connected ones. We’re just regular working stiffs who go to work every day and pay our taxes just like everyone else. This Cartwright guy is just the pits.

    I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, because I’m a union man, but If that Cartwright wins, I’ll vote for that republican over him. He’s just another one of those dirty ambulance chasers who prey on folks who have suffered tragedy like a vulture. Sure I felt sorry for that lady who the doctors said had cancer, but didn’t, but Cartwright wasn’t helping her out of the goodness of his heart. He looked at her suffering and saw big dollar signs. Tim Holden helps people everyday. The big difference is that he doesn’t collect 30% for doing it. For what Holden does, he gets paid way too little.

    As for those judges up in Luzerne County, I don’t think it’s right for any lawyer to donate money to judges he or she appears before. I just don’t think it’s right. The lawyers are giving big checks to the people who rule on matters of law for the clients they represent. So it’s like if you are a rich lawyer like Cartwright, you can give lots of money, but if you are some lawyer working for legal aid, representing poor people, you are screwed. It’s not illegal, but it just looks plain bad.

  5. Apparently the net gain from Holden’s much ballyhooed experience and incumbency is a pair of bills renaming post offices. He’s not exactly a wizard.

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