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New Holden Ad Dings Cartwright’s Wealth (Watch Video)

Matt Cartwright, the Lackawanna County attorney challenging Rep. Tim Holden, has done well for himself. Well enough to win a mention in Holden’s new negative ad.

“While Tim Holden was fighting for us, Cartwright was helping himself to a racing yacht, club memberships, a mansion and a Florida condo,” says a male narrator.

“Now Matt Cartwright says he’s running for Congress because, ‘I don’t get a bang out of buying a new car any more.’”

Cartwright’s full quote, from a Times Tribune column in December, is a little less unflattering. He was discussing his ability to self-fund in the race (and indeed he has: $300,000 to date, bringing his total raised to about $600,000):

“I don’t think financing is going to be a problem,” Mr. Cartwright said. “I’ve come to the point in my life that either I do it now or I don’t do it … I’m 50 years old. I don’t get a bang out of buying a new car anymore. I get a bang out of helping people.”

It’s the second negative spot Holden has aired. The first criticized Cartwright for his campaign contributions to the two judges convicted in the “Kids for Cash” scandal.

Meanwhile, the super PAC Campaign for Primary Accountability began airing ads against Holden on Thursday.

Cartwright’s campaign said Holden was putting down the American dream.

“The continued signs of desperation from a 20 year incumbent are sad,” said Cartwright campaign manager Shane Seaver. “While Matt Cartwright has raised a family and created a successful family business, Tim Holden has been feeding off of taxpayer money and has in return voted against Health Care for all Americans, voted to allow Oil and Gas companies to hide the poisons they use when fracking and voted for tax cuts for the 1 percent. Tim Holden is putting down the American Dream and quite frankly, that’s un-American.”

In a response to the first his campaign produced a rebuttal spot in which he says, “I hate negative campaign ads. There’s no reason to sling mud at people.”

But he has not pulled punches thus far. A Holden supporter passed along the mailer below, and noted that Cartwright has been highly critical of Holden on the stump.

The supporter notes that many Democrats, including the-Sen. Barack Obama, supported the “Halliburton loophole.” Cartwright told PoliticsPA that he would have voted against the health care law. Finally, while Holden initially voted against the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, he voted in favor of the final passage of the law after it was amended by the U.S. Senate (which removed a controversial provision granting judges the unilateral authority to alter the principal amount of interest rate of debt).

5 Responses

  1. Agreed, I wonder who Keegan Gibson is supporting? Such a one sided article. I understand all of you “journalists” like only the negative stories and bad news, but how do you consider that flier to be negative? If a 20 year politician can’t speak for his record someone has to, that’s not negative, that’s what happens when you’re an elected official. Attacking a man for being successfull is awful, I feel bad for Tim Holden, it’s embarrassing. Him and his campaign staff should feel ashamed, but won’t because these idiots will do anything to win.

  2. Funny. Since he couldn’t hack it in the family insurance business, Tim Holden’s been sucking at the public teat his entire adult life. Criticizing those who have made their own cash is a boneheaded campaign strategy. Voters who have made it on their own will notice Tim’s tone-deafness.

  3. Seriously? This is how Cong. Holden distinguishes himself after 20 years in congress? What have you done Tim Holden? Cartwright worked and bought himself some stuff. He did it with money he earned. You have spent your entire adult life taking a government paycheck. You have been the beneficiary of electoral welfare, Mr Holden. Tell us what you did for the last 20 years Tim Holden. What bills have you passed? Any? What will you do if elected again? Stop with your platitudes about standing up for seniors and tell me how!! So far I know you are for winning and against Cartwright winning. Nothing else. If you can’t tell me about you Tim Holden then I can’t vote for you. At least I can tell what Cartwright stands for. Your ads are beneath the dignity of a Congressman.

  4. Just another disgusting attack from a Washington politician. Also Matt would have voted for the affordable care act.

  5. Keegan,

    The statement at the bottom of the article that writes “Cartwright would have voted against the health care law” is inaccurate. According to Mr. Cartwright’s campaign website, the ‘health care’ section of the website begins with these words: “Matt would have supported President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010” and in his mailers, Mr. Cartwright’s campaign has written that Matt “supports” and would like “to strengthen” the health care reform law. Mr. Cartwright supports the health care law, he is not satisfied that the law did not go far enough in providing affordable health care, but he would like to strengthen the law instead of repeal it. On the other hand, Congressman Holden voted against the health care reform law because he thought it went too far. Here is the link from the health care section of Cartwright’s campaign:

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