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New Maggi Ad a Clinic on Dem Medicare Messaging (Watch Video)

National Democrats, take note: this is how you message Medicare.

It’s among the best attack ads of the 2012 election so far. The latest spot from Democrat Larry Maggi features a line of seniors handing bundles of cash over to to the government while blasting Rep. Tim Murphy over his votes for the House GOP budget.

The line of attack is familiar; it’s Democrats’ favorite for 2012. But the music and visuals make the spot a work of political art.

The GOP budget, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), has been widely criticized by Dems who say that it would result higher out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Supporters note that Medicare will be bankrupt within a few years unless serious reforms are made.

“Tim Murphy’s budget plan: it would essentially end Medicare, making seniors pay $6,400 a year more for healthcare. Every one,” says an announcer.

“But Tim Murphy’s plan doesn’t use that money to pay down to the deficit. it all goes to more tax breaks for the wealthy. $265,000 for the average millionaire, paid for by seniors.”

The spot was produced by the Democratic media consulting firm Murphy Vogel Askew Riley. Its launch coincides with a new microsite by the Maggi campaign,

Update: Murphy’s campaign said the claim is false, noting that the citation for the “essentially end Medicare” claim was disproven by because it takes out of context a report by the Wall Street Journal.

“Liberal Larry Maggi is lying about Tim Murphy’s record to deflect from his own failed record of higher taxes, pay raises, and mismanagement. Maggi’s negative and misleading attacks are a sign of desperation and the voters in southwestern Pennsylvania deserve better,” said campaign spokesman Tyler Foote. “Therefore, we call on Larry Maggi to voluntarily take down his false and misleading campaign commercial.”

Democrats and Republicans have fought over the Medicare claim since the House GOP first passed a budget in 2011. Fact checkers generally agree that it is false to claim that the budget would “end Medicare”. However, adding a small caveat – like saying the budget would end Medicare “as we know it” – makes the claim accurate enough to dodge the truth-meters. Maggi’s problem in this instance was not so much his underlying accusation, but rather his misuse of the WSJ’s phrasing.

Both Maggi, a Washington County Commissioner, and Murphy, a five-term Congressman, have been on the air for a week or so. The first ads in both cases were positive.

Maggi is currently listed as an “Emerging Race” by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In order to have the best shot – and the most access to national fundraising resources – he’ll need a promotion to its top tier “Red to Blue” list. The DCCC will make its final cuts imminently.

18 Responses

  1. It is the messaging of fear. The reality is that those who buy this illusion lose their freedom and their security. Why? What Maggi advocates is financially unsustainable. At least the Congressman is honest enough to suggest saving Medicare with no changes for those already on Medicare. Maggi hopes fear prevails and that we still believe in the “tooth fairy.” While this works in Venezuela let’s hope voters in the 18th are better informed.

  2. Great ad.. Ive been doing alot of research on Larry Maggi, he has done alot of thing’s for his county.. What has Tim Smruphy done lately, nothing but vote to give,himself a nice additional 7 week extension,make it harder for seniors to obtain adequate healthcare because he wants the make seniors pay 6,400 and then give millionare’s a tax break.. Haven’t we tried similar legislation in the past and you see where that got us.. So please people do as i did and do some research and vote for someone willing to make a real change, Larry Maggi,not or current congressman if he hasnt done anything in 8 yrs in office i wouldnt expect him to change now!!

  3. Shut up George. Welcome to politics what did you think there’d be tea and crumpets? If it’s too tough for you, Then find a new job. speaking of kids how old are the slobs youre importing in to SWPA to shout vile things at Congressman Murphy, slander his name, attack his volunteers and throw things out of the windows of your foreign vehicles with out of state plates.

  4. Tim Murphy is a far from the American Hero! He’s made so many enemies through his time as congressman! It’s time for a new face! As I read through all these posts, it saddens me that a bunch of children run the Murphy campaign with all the name calling and lies that are obviously posted by his staff. While posting on here, remember you are supposed to be representing a 60 year old congressman. Keep in mind both of these men have families and are human beings. Although I particularly do not agree with Congressman Murphy, I will not say the awful things about his character. Like his campaign has made up about a good man, Larry Maggi. This is America people…list wonderful that an individual wants to make a difference in the United States Congress. best wishes Larry! You have the support of my family and I in Mt Lebanon!

  5. I don’t get the thrill over this ad. Seriously, the whole Medicare as a political hot potato is so played out. Hi 1990’s Whats that? Oh it’s Bob Dole calling Larry Maggi to tell him Grandma went over the cliff 2 decades ago. Today Obama’s pushing all of us over the cliff with trillions in debt and cuts to Medicare to pay for his crowning glory single payer Obamacare. And Larry Maggi says he wouldn’t vote to repeal it. Case closed.

  6. What’s new here? Nothing. More of the tired old pushing Granny’s wheelchair off the cliff from Democrats with nothing else to offer. Must mean Murphy is up by triple digits over Maggi. Gotta assume Obama will get trounced around these parts too.

  7. Since Paul Ryan has already stated that participation in the other plan would be voluntary, it seems to me that this ad, while eye and ear catching, is actually untrue. Can you tell me what something untrue is called? Maybe a lie?
    Democrats, can you stop giving the most appreciation to the dishonest stuff, and try and run campaigns based on accurately presented issues? That is what a campaign is supposed to be.

  8. Don’t cry because I only speak the truth…these posts are pathetic and Murphy’s crew needs to get a grip. It’s unprofessional. Yes I post and I am allowed to post. My name is Jim and sadly, I doubt your name is “dirty larry” perhaps its Tyler or even Nate. Get to work already….stop blogging nonsense.

  9. @Jim/Beardley Komar – You’re an idiot. You left the web site name embedded in your profile so every post you’ve made over the last two weeks made by “Jim” or “Teacher Tom” or “Joan” is revealed. You’re a fraud and liar just like your boss Larry Maggi and your previous boss, David Axelfraud.

  10. Dear Murphy Campaign,
    I am APPALLED by your comments. I thought Tim was nice to my face and considered voting for him and now I REFUSE to vote for anyone who promotes their campaign to make false accusation to their opponent. I am disgusted! I will be heading to the Maggi Campaign office to volunteer to get this cheating slime bag out of office!!! Maggi you officially have a new supporter! Again, I am disgusted!

  11. Really love this ad, best attack ad of the 2012 cycle that I’ve seen.

  12. Here comes the Murphy goon squad with their smear comments. Never fails. Never believe any of these made up comments. We get 3 made up stories on the shake downs and now some made up thing on wrestling within 15 minutes of the article being posted every single time.

  13. Larry Maggi is a Mon Valley sleazebag. Wait till Murphy runs an ad explaining how Sheriff Maggi would shake down bar owners for “protection money.” When Flynn stopped paying the piper, Maggi and Pettit called in the state troopers to shut down Flynn’s gambling parlor. Maggi’s a pig whose been feeding from the public trough for thirty years. He should be taken to a slaughterhouse and turned into bacon.

  14. Educational AND Funny! This ad really outlines what Tim Murphy REALLY intends for his senior constituents. The man votes one way and talks another. I hope they lock him in a bank vault after Larry beats him in November.

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