New, More Negative Smith Ad Hits Casey (Watch Video)

The leaves are falling, temperature dropping and the tenor of campaign ads is getting far more foreboding. The latest from Republican Tom Smith is the most textbook negative ad yet against Sen. Bob Casey.

The chair is empty. I get it!

“Career politician Bob Casey voted for higher taxes, to slash Medicare, and in 6 years, hasn’t passed a single bill – not even to create jobs in the worst economy since the Great Depression,” says the ad’s narrator against disconcerting music.

“Casey’s been called ‘the Senate’s most ineffective legislator.’ He’s the invisible Senator.”

The specific items are mostly familiar, but the ineffective legislator angle gets a newly enhanced emphasis.

Most of Smith’s spots to date have been a bit sunnier than this one, which is more like your typical attack ad.

Campaign Manager Larry Smar said the ad was false, and continued his campaign’s effort to paint Smith as an out of touch extremist.

“Tea Party Tom Smith continues to cover up his radical agenda by self-funding untrue attack ads,” said Smar.  “While Bob Casey fought to cut taxes on middle class families and eliminate tax breaks on Big Oil, Tom Smith is attacking Bob Casey for wanting to reduce the deficit by ending giveaways to special interests and the wealthy. Tom Smith is too extreme and out-of-touch for Pennsylvania.”

Smith has blanketed the airwaves for weeks, outspending Casey nearly 3 to 1 and gaining on the Democrat in the polls.

Casey’s campaign has said that bill count isn’t a measure of effectiveness because most legislation passed in the Senate is bundled. By that measure, the Senator has had success.

But how complicated could it be to pass a bill creating jobs?

“Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled that the country will create 1,000,000 jobs.”


10 Responses

  1. @mollyp. Smith’s grandson isn’t unique to the debt situation. Everyone is in the same boat and that would include Bob Casey, too. Just as Bob Casey didn’t put us in this debt either. One man’s not responsible and it didn’t happen overnight and only in Casey’s term.

    Tom Smith is dumping millions into a campaign for no other reason than power. He puts on his nice guy, I’m your friend attitude but he’s there because he’s sick of rich people paying taxes. Check the facts. He bought his daughter a job in the Armstrong County courthouse by being now-commissioner David Battaglia’s top campaign contributor. This so enraged people that the treasurer of the local Republican Party, Randy Cloak, resigned. There was also legal action filed against Battaglia for not disclosing who was responsible for certain campaign donations. That issue became strangely silent. Not to mention Smith was a democrat all his life until he decided to run for office. But when asked, he couldn’t recall who he voted as president in the last election? Hmmm.

  2. I actually wish Casey was absent from his desk more often. If you examine his record ( you will see that his career has been one of big spending, bailouts, ignoring our fiscal crisis, and extending government budgets. How much spending is too much? When are we going to get our fiscal house in order? 

  3. He hasn’t responded because I don’t think it is him. I think it is a cardboard cut-out. Maybe we should start calling him “Cardboard Cut-Out Casey”. Nobody can tell the difference between the real Casey and Cut-Out anyway.

  4. Senator Zero is an excellent name for Bob Casey. I watched one of his recent interviews for TV and I almost fell asleep. I’m sure that he is a very nice guy but he has no fire in his belly! There is no passion. Tom Smith has passion. Passion for his God, his country and his family. He has a 1 week old grandson that is already in debt more than $51,000.00. Think about it… As soon as a child is born they already owe $51,000.00 toward the national debt.

  5. @ABCDEF, the point is that Casey hasn’t done anything in 6 years. When you are one of the 50-60 Senators in the majority, there’s no reason why you can’t get something passed in that time, unless you aren’t a leader.

    If he was John Casey, he wouldn’t be even in office. He won by convincing NEPA and moderates that he was his father. But his voting record tells a different tale. Sr is rolling in his grave right now.

  6. I do not understand what is negative about stating facts. I guess it is now considered negative to state what a Senator voted on, and to quote what a major news source came up with when judging effectiveness of politicians. And, God forbid someone use their own money to pay for a run at political office. If you are being paid for by big business, then you must be evil… Come on people, start thinking for yourselves….

  7. Why is that a government hater like Smith has spent millions of his own money to land a job in government? All’s okay though, on October 7th Mr. Smith will return to his precious private sector job.

  8. Does no one see the irony that a Tea Party candidate, who is opposed to almost any government involvement in anything, is complaining that Casey hasn’t passed any new laws?

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