New Politics Begins Rolling Out Endorsements in Pennsylvania

Houlahan PerryNew Politics, a national organization that recruits and supports national service alumni and military veterans, is getting involved in Pennsylvania’s Congressional races, rolling out two endorsements in the last two weeks.  

Last week, New Politics endorsed Chrissy Houlahan, who is running to challenge Congressman Ryan Costello next year.  

“Chrissy Houlahan brings an impressive lifetime of leadership to her campaign for Congress – from the US Air Force to the highest levels of the private sector,” Executive Director and Founder of New Politics Emily Cherniack said in a release announcing the endorsement.  

Houlahan was an Air Force officer before entering the private sector.  

Today, New Politics announced its endorsement of Paul Perry, who is running to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan next year.  

“Paul Perry has dedicated his life to service and building a stronger future for all of our country’s children,” Cherniack said.  

Perry was raised by two military veterans, and worked as a teacher.  

Founded in 2013, New Politics endorses and trains candidates of either political party in local, state, and federal elections.

26 Responses

  1. Never seen or heard of Paul Perry is he involved in any of the counties democrat parties? No name recognition here….

        1. He is another of the number of people who didn’t care until Trump got elected. My mom was in WWII I guess I should run. he’s 31 and totally full of it. He speaks of’my whole life’ give me a break. there are 6 people in the race. 2 legitimate candidates Daylin Leach and Dan Muroff. the rest are too ‘important’ to run for a State Office, LOL ridiculous

          1. Why doesn’t Muroff run for state office? You can think Leach is the only one who put ‘his dues’ in, but the reality is that he’ll get crushed by Meehan. No older swing voters will find him funny with his filthy, racist jokes. One attack ad quoting his actual words will destroy him.

  2. Paul Perry came out of the starting blocks backing #SinglePayer, the only humane and sustainable way to provide fir a citizenry’s healthcare. I don’t know how Leach – who I have long admired – feels on that most cricial issue. I know he backed Hillary over TheBern, and she was opposed to it. That will be my litmus test fir any so-called Democrat. If a candidate can’t back something the majority of Americans wants, then that candidate is too controlled by for-profit campaign donations and not worth my support.

      1. She is a nice lady but not in Health Care, she is a brilliant scientist who doesn’t live in the district and has never supported anything until all of a sudden she thinks she should be in congress. Sorry, Leach is the only one who has a shot at Meehan

        1. how is biomedical research not healthcare? she also did insurance negotiations. I get that she’s new but how is somebody like Leach who said HRC should double down on her deplorables comment going to survive Meehan’s million-dollar attack ads? Running against Meehan is going to destroy Leach’s career and kill the Dem’s chances. It would be great if Mary Jo or Leanne or somebody ran but they aren’t.

          1. Leanne is in the district, not sure of Mary Jo, Being a PHd Lab person isn’t part of the reality of Healthcare. She should consider running against McGarrigle in the 26th state senate if she is such a good candidate

    1. So does Chrissy, she said she supported single payer at a Berks indivisible meeting a few weeks ago. I don’t know why she’s backtracking but I’m disappointed in her recent conduct as a political candidate.

  3. Trump is in office 6 months and STILL does not have a position on any policy. So lighten up already.

    1. I respect her resume on paper, especially her service. SO don’t get me wrong here, but she has made absolutely no stance on any issue. She has gained an impressive amount of national media, and hasn’t used it to her advantage. Instead of taking this opportunity to show us what shes got on policy, she has echoed the dem grassroots on the President. She should be talking about what she wants to do in Congress, not JUST the President. Not saying she isnt a good candidate still, just that her window to make a statement is narrowing quickly.

  4. Cracks already forming in Houlahan’s armor as of July 2017, and there is a lotttt of time left to go. This is the problem with non-political candidates, they look good on paper but with no experience in the spot light, when they get put in the sun they crack, wither and break. Her candidacy is already past it’s prime.

  5. Amen to that sentiment. Perry has zero shot in that district. Don’t see him playing in Media or Lancaster. Education consultant, give me a break!

    1. Perry is most service in PA07??? This dude wasn’t even in the USA last year and is a freelance writer and education ‘consultant’? Muroff ran CeaseFire and LCV-Pa, and Sheehan has served on lots of boards here and does cancer research as an underpaid fellow. COME ON. Chrissy is awesome but this endorsement means nothing. Backroom deals.

      Also, I have yet to hear a single reason Perry is running for US Congress. If you’re really an educator fighting for families, run for the state house! Or school board!

      1. I agree the only one who has a shot at Meehan will be Leach. Molly Sheehan still doesn’t live in the district. Neither does McGinty and Muroff just moved to Flourtown.

  6. Paul what? Paul who? What a waste. Shoot, Dan Muroff could beat him – and with Daylin in the race, forget it. Run for school board young man.

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