New Smith Ad is Sunny and (Mostly) Positive. Watch Video

Tom Smith’s latest television ad conjures up a bit of Jimmy Stewart. The every-man, mostly positive spot is slight departure (but not a total one) from the Republican’s message in his race against Sen. Bob Casey.

The Senate hopeful seeks to channel the other Mr. Smith who went to Washington in a straight-to-camera ad in front of his pastoral country home against relaxing piano music.

“If you’re fed up with career politicians and want real reform, I’d appreciate your support,” he says.

It’s essentially a homier version of this ad, which also showcases Smith’s lengthy policy platform.

“While failed career politician Bob Casey continues his barrage of misleading attacks, Tom Smith is sharing his detailed plan to grow the economy, reduce the debt and create jobs,” said Smith Campaign Manager Jim Conroy.

Smith has consistently trailed Casey in the polls, most directly as a result of his low name ID. An ad like this aims to boost Smith’s profile in the state.

The campaigns have exchanged negative ads so far in the campaign. Responding to the new Smith spot, Casey Campaign Manager Larry Smar echoed the theme of Casey’s ads.

“Pouring millions of his own money into TV ads can’t cover up the reality of Tom Smith’s Tea Party agenda,” said Smar. “Tea Party Tom Smith founded a Tea Party group and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars funding right-wing causes like Swift Boats and CItizens United.  This divisive brand of politics is too extreme for Pennsylvania.”

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  1. Another great ad by Tom Smith. I’ve yet to see an ad by Smith or Casey that has even made me question my decision to vote for Smith. I will be voting enthusiastically for Smith on November 6 and I will be voting for Romney-Ryan only because that ticket is the only viable option to defeat Obama (sorry Libertarians, but Ron Paul isn’t running and Gary Johnson isn’t going to win).

    Bob Casey is a career politician. Tom Smith is a coal miner who will fight for real reform in Washington. I’m sure Casey will soon come out with attack ads so vicious they make those Priorities USA smear ads look tame, once he realizes Tom Smith is probably going to beat him. Expect to hear the usual PC name calling you’ve come to expect from the left, but you know that PC name calling is just something leftists do when they lost the argument.

  2. Tom Smith is in this race for all the right reasons. He wants his grandchildren to be able to reach for their American dream. Right now they are each $51,000 in debt as soon as they are born. He wants to reduce the national debt, balance the budget and get the federal government out of the way so that JOBS can be created by the free market.

    Tom Smith is just the man that we need in Washington! Let’s send Mr. Smith to Washington!

  3. This ad excellently conveys what a decent man Tom Smith is. And he is that way in person too. Positive and determined.
    He’s right. Casey’s three years with no budget deserves no pay, and ultimately, no rehire.

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