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New Tim Burns Web Ad: Which Way Welch

By: Geoffrey Middleberg, Assistant Editor

GOP Senatorial candidate Tim Burns released a new web ad taking on Steve Welch for switching parties and admitting to having voted for President Obama in 2008.  The ad also says that Welch has switched parties multiple times. In addition, the ad says that Welch donated to a Democratic candidate in a prior election cycle.

This comes on the heels of Gov. Corbett putting pressure on the SEPA party establishment to vote for Steve Welch at the SEPA GOP caucus last evening. The caucus ended up not taking a straw poll but it shows who the Governor’s allegiance is with.

This is a race that started relatively civil but has gotten ugly in the last couple weeks after the Welch campaign allegedly put out fliers at some of the GOP regional caucuses criticizing Burns.

Both the Welch and Burns campaigns have put effort into getting the coveted state party endorsement.

The Welch campaign responded by saying, “Tim Burns is clearly an angry and desperate candidate. He is doing exactly what angry and desperate candidates do, throw mud and make false acquisitions.  We will continue to keep our focus on defeating Bob Casey.”

Here is the ad that was released today:

8 Responses

  1. I bet Welchy’s wishin he had kept that flyer on Burns in his pocket. And why does a frontrunner pick a fight like that? Methinks he deserves a refund from Brabender. Maybe he should start a superpac like Christian. They seem to know the 21st century works.

  2. This whole idea that Burns and Welch are the best candidates to run against Casey is a fairy tale. Who cares about whether Welch voted for Obama and donated to Sestak or that Burns was a two-time loser in 2010, which was a remarkably good year for Republicans. We ought to have an open primary and let the people choose the candidate who can take the fight to the Democrats: Sam Rohrer.

  3. I supportSteve Welch but Burns is a great runner up.I liked how Burns challenged Bill Russell in the primary and then handed the win over to Mark Critz when Bill was on track to take the Murtha seat back. That’s why I support no chance primary candidates. I want Dems running things.

  4. Tim Burns is dead on. The sin of Mr. Welch voting for Barack Obama and Joe Sestak is not absolved through election cycles. We’re talking about the United States Senate here, not your local zoning board. It reveals and egregious and immature lapse in judgment at best. By his own admission, Welch, dissatisfied with the Republican Party, changed parties and voted democrat. Really? We are expected to embrace this commitment, or lack of, to our party. I can’t reconcile what Mr. Welch advocates on his web site with voting for Barack Obama and Joe Sestak, who, in verifiable reality, contradict everything on that web site. As Mr. Burns stated, this isn’t about balancing the state with candidates from the eastern and western part of the state, it’s about character and ideals. I am a member of the southeast caucus, and I have no favorites at this point in time, but I do know that there is no way I am voting for Mr. Welch. There are equal or better qualified candidates in the field.

  5. Unfortunately for Burns, this was all already aired during Welch’s congressional candidacy. He heard the criticisms, worked hard supporting other candidates and the GOP, and has gotten better at explaining his ‘conversion’ story.

    In fact, asking Welch about this type of stuff is now a pretty good opening for him to explain the whole reason why he is running for office. So Burns better come up with something else…

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