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New Trivedi Ads Tout Gerlach’s Hair, Bash His Ideas (Watch Videos)

The Trivedi campaign released a pair of quirky ads today, complementing Congressman Jim Gerlach for his stellar hair, but criticizing him for his less than stellar policies.

The first ad, titled “Bad,” touches on Medicare, throwing Gerlach into the same circle as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan when it comes to ending traditional medicare.

“Good hair. Bad ideas,” the ad says. “Like Romney and Ryan, Congressman Gerlach supports ending traditional Medicare to cut taxes for millionaires. Manan Trivedi . . . Less hair. More Medicare.”

The second ad (watch below), titled “Terrible,” follows this same exact format and theme, except rips Gerlach, Romney and Ryan for restricting access to birth control.

“Great hair. Terrible ideas,” the ad says. “Jim Gerlach supports the Romney/Ryan plan, restricting women’s access to birth control. Manan Trivedi. Less hair . . . more respect for women.”

Gerlach Campaign Senior Adviser Vince Galko blasted the ads, saying Trivedi should spend less time worrying about the Congressman’s hair and take the issues seriously.

“People are out of work, our debt is skyrocketing and the Democrats have raided over $700 billion from Medicare and the focus of Manan Trivedi’s campaign is people’s hairstyles,” said Galko.

“Trivedi’s attacks have already been called ‘The Lie of the Year’ and what CBS News called a ‘myth’. Jim Gerlach is working to cut our debt and put Pennsylvanians back to work while Trivedi spends his time making childish ads.  I guess when you have a documented extremist record, endorsed by radical organizations, and no ideas or record to run on because you live and work 150 miles outside of Pennsylvania, this is the best that Manan Trivedi can do.”

If the Trivedi camp was aiming to send out an ad that would resonate with voters, by God they’ve done it, in a quirky, amusing fashion. Still, despite these ads and a solid Q3, Trivedi has not had a consistent presence on PA-6 television.

He’s planning to ratchet it up for the remainder of the race, with a buy currently on WFMZ and broadcast buys planned on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

4 Responses

  1. Jim Gerlach is so full of himself he secretly loooooooves these ads promoting his bulletproof Just For Men Hair. FYI Jim he’s mocking you, not complimenting you.

  2. lol Jim’s hair was always perfect in college even after a toughn game at Weidner. We always thjought he was president of hair club for men.

  3. This guy is an absolute idiot and actually wants to represent the people of Pennsylvania in the US House of Representatives. WOW.

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