No Charges Over Wagner Tracker Confrontation

Wagner AB VideoThe Attorney General’s Office announced today that there will not be charges filed against either Gubernatorial candidate and state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) or American Bridge Tracker Chris Van Leeuwen after a confrontation between the two at the Country Club of York in May.  

“In consultation with the Spring Garden Township Police, the Attorney General exercised his prosecutorial discretion and determined there will be no criminal charges filed against either Mr. Van Leeuwen or Senator Wagner. While both men acted inappropriately and, as a public official Senator Wagner should have maintained proper civil discourse and controlled his anger, the facts, circumstances and conduct do not rise to the level where the Attorney General’s office will pursue criminal charges,” First Deputy Michelle Henry said in a release announcing the decision.  

The investigation stemmed from an incident at the Country Club of York where Wagner confronted Van Leeuwen during a speech he was giving.  Wagner took Van Leeuwen’s camera, after which Van Leeuwen accused Wagner of assaulting him, and Wagner accused Van Leeuwen of trespassing on private property.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to both the Wagner campaign and American Bridge for comment.

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  1. As if Josh Shapiro would go out of his way to do Scott Wagner a favor. If the AG’s office is dropping this, it’s only because there is absolutely, positively no way they can make a case here.

    But hey Democrats, this is what you get for electing an AG who never prosecuted a case in his life.

  2. Tracker gets assaulted and robbed by GOP thug politician, but the story says no charges are filed against the tracker. LOL. Criminal charges for what? Getting assaulted and robbed? This has earmarks of the Saudi practice of charging rape victims with public lewdness or illegal sex with person not her husband. Sick.

    1. A little extreme here gulag. While I agree with the overall sentiment here, your message would be better received with less…venom.

  3. 100% vindication, a great and wonderful decision by a truly great American patriotic elected official. 100% witch hunt. LOL(The Senator is a lucky, lucky “smarmy garbage man”.)

  4. Should we sign up Wagner for body slam classs? A certain newly-elected Representative in Congress from Montana is giving lessons . . . . .

  5. Lack of character, time to call it quits Slug Em Scott. It doesn’t matter if it’s unions, the trash biz competition, your wife or your own daughter.

    The document lists Wagner as owing $800,000 in Domestics Relations payments, but Connelly said that amount was incorrect and eventually lowered.

    Connelly said Wagner paid all of his obligations to Silvia Wagner as determined in a settlement, but he declined to elaborate on the terms because the settlement is subject to a confidentiality agreement.

    ‘Heated argument’: The PFA petition, which was later dropped, was filed after an incident in which Wagner visited his then 18-year-old daughter Katharine Wagner at her residence in York Township.

    According to the petition, Katharine Wagner asked her father to leave several times, but he refused. An argument ensued, during which Scott Wagner “put both hands around (his daughter’s) neck, squeezing (his daughter’s) neck and shaking her.”

    The father also grabbed both of her wrists, pushing her against a counter, according to the petition.
    Grandparents with whom Katharine Wagner was staying intervened, and Scott Wagner left, according to the petition.

    The incident left the daughter bruised and sore, but no criminal charges were filed, according to the petition.
    In the document, Katharine Wagner said she was afraid of her father and that he had been “verbally and emotionally abusive to her and her family” for at least a decade.


  6. Most people want a leader who is cool, calm, and collected. If Wagner can’t control himself around a kid with a camera, what will he do during an actual state emergency? Pennsylvania can’t afford to find out.

  7. Amen to all the comments below. This is a disgusting display of prosecutorial cowardice and favoritism. Wagner is a thug and should be treated like one.

  8. Wagner commits, by definition, a felony robbery, and the AG uses “prosecutorial discretion” to not prosecute.

    Do you think that “discretion” would be similarly used to not charge an African American male who did the same thing on the streets of Harrisburg, or York, or anywhere else?

    1. At a minimum it’s a felony for any other person who uses force to steal from someone else. Josh Shapiro needs to get on the job if he’s going to allow wealthy, politically connected State Senators to get away with felonies. I’m not sure who tone more angrier at. Wagner’s always a POS. But Shapiro is allowing the inmates to run the asylum.

  9. Scott Wagner has enough money to never get punished for the crimes he commits, hiring undocumented day laborers to work his garbage trucks and beating the sh*t out of his ex-wife and daughter. In his mind, money can make problems go away.

    1. When did Wagner ever beat the shit out of his ex-wife? Never heard that one before. Can you provide proof?

      1. Ask him to unseal his divorce records. He paid them off for their silence but the divorce records are littered with these issues. It’s a poorly kept secret in York.

        1. His daughter filed a PFA against him, because he put his hands around her neck, squeezed and began to shake her. Paid her off, PFA dropped. Scumbag.

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