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NRCC Adds $200K to PA-12 Buy

Critz, left, and Rothfus

The National Republican Congressional Committee is upping its ante in PA-12. The committee this week added $200,000 to its efforts to defeat Rep. Mark Critz (D-Cambria), according to several sources.

The buy will come as part of the committee’s independent expenditures to boost Republican challenger Keith Rothfus, an Allegheny County attorney.

The most notable thing about the tactical decision? It’s all in the Johnstown/Altoona market, Critz’s home base. It will be about 600 gross ratings points per week through election day according to two media buying sources. The NRCC had not previously advertised there.

The 12th district is divided mainly into two broadcast television markets: Pittsburgh (comprising a majority of voters) and Johnstown/Altoona.

During his April primary, Critz was able to defeat fellow Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Allegheny) by consolidating his support in Cambria and Somerset counties, winning them with 91 percent and 87 percent of the vote respectively.

Altmire’s strategy had been to focus his television spending in the Pittsburgh market. Some believe that, had he spent more trying to weaken Critz at home that he may have won, instead of losing narrowly.

The NRCC doesn’t want to leave anything on the table. They join the YG Action Fund, a GOP super PAC also on TV in Johnstown.

They won’t be uncontested. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has about $180,000 on the air in Johnstown. Numerous other Democratic groups are on television on Critz’s behalf as well.

11 Responses

  1. Brent when the dust cleared after the 77 flood ubemployement was25 percent n Johnstown. That is Great depression bad . Your view though is a perfect look at what we face now in presidential race. While one side argues things have been bad the other argues that things could have been worse. Both can be telling the truth. Rothfus doesn’t have an answer though .His tea party mindset is opposed to workforce investment government road projects the investment in infrastructure etc etc. He is an echo from the pure undirected anger of two years ago. Even his party sees him as odd and extreme

  2. This discussion about Johnstown and similarly economic repressed regions in the PA-12 is interesting. I really have to think that Rothfus has zero interest in the rust belt towns. What does he know about people like us who work to keep and fight to stay in the towns we grew up in? He is a wealthy attorney living with his 6 kids (who he will leave to go to DC) in the richest part of suburbia. He’s not even from PA! And the fact that he’s kissing the Tea Bag and taking this money from the NRCC tells me that he will NEVER reach across the aisle to work with Democrats. We NEED bipartisan cooperation. Brent, the social issues that matter to you are directly opposed to Rothfus’ and Tea Party “values.” Critz is his own man…just look how he bucked the party on coal. We need moderate representation, not the fringe Tea Party element like Rothfus.

  3. Bitter? Only bitter that I had to move away from home to find a decent job.

    I think all your questions are valid about the republican challenger. My point is this and only this. During democrat rule, Johnstown has gone in the tank. There has been no growth and it has turned into a city where people do not have a chance. When will people wake up? The senior citizens in Johnstown are happy to vote democrat. They have identified themselves with that party because that was the party of the blue collar union steelworker. They do this as their children and grandchildren flock to more prosperous areas for work. Obama ran on “change” in 2008. Johnstown is in need of real change immediately.

    Nobody can deny the fact that the city is tuning into one giant slum. If you think Bill Clinton masking the real problems is good for anyone who lives there, then you are part of the problem.

  4. Hi Brent, Let me get this straight Keith the Candidate is going to save our region? What jobs did Mr.Rothfus create anywhere in our region? What has the former Fema official done to show leadership anywhere in this region? Why is Mr. rothfus so reluctant to talk about all those jobs that he saved for Pat Robertson in Virginia? Brent you sould a little bitter-could it be a panic attack at the arrival of the Big dog for Critz??

  5. You tell me. You seem to think that putting the same people who have been documented failures for the last 40 years back into office will solve the problem. Why won’t someone with different ideas be the solution to the problem?

  6. Am:

    Typical country republican? I grew up 5 minutes walk from the city. I drive a fuel efficient car. I believe in the rights of gay people to marry each other. I like to recycle. I own less than 5 guns. Not exactly a typical country republican, am I? There is nothing in my post that you can refute so you try to make broad generalizations about me as an individual.

    Let me tell you something about the place that you “like to visit”. Many towns in the rust belt have been able to fine other means to keep jobs in the area. Pittsburgh being the prime example of a town that changed its focus from steel to healthcare and banking. Johnstown never had any leadership that knew when to change focus. Why? Democrat leadership didn’t know how. The best John Murtha could do in his entire 4 decade stay as congressman was fund a few businesses on pork money. Not exactly the leadership and turnaround the town needed. Now look what is there. Some rusty old steel mills and people without jobs who have become comfortable with accepting handouts. I have no problem helping people who have fallen on hard times. You see my harsh tone as “kicking people who are down”. I see it as kicking people to wake them up because while they have been down, they have become comfortable staying down.

  7. Brent-

    Then you’d know that the Johnstown Flood in the late 70s and the collapse of the steel industry played a significant toll on Johnstown.

    I really like going there, to me it’s kind of set apart from alot of the world and a beautiful time to visit in the fall. Rats that promote outsourcing jobs dont help the people from Johnstown or anywhere in southwestern pa. Typical disconnected country club republican… kick all the people that are disabled or o. Welfare, yet favor to send their jobs overseas.

  8. Johnstown should be an easy target for republicans. The town has turned into a welfare rat hole over the last 40 years, all under democrat leadership. Young people won’t stay there, old people are afraid to say they are from there. Democrats have lead that town right into the gutter. Hopefully some day people will realize it. I grew up there, graduated from college, and got out of Johnstown. I am proud to say I am from there, but I am ashamed of what it has become.

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