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NRCC Adds Nothstein to “On the Radar” Program

The National Republican Congressional Committee added 7th Congressional candidate Marty Nothstein to its “On the Radar” program.

“As an Olympic champion, small businessman and community leader, Marty Nothstein perfectly embodies the values of the Lehigh Valley,” NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers said.  

Being added to the list does not mean the NRCC will be investing in the race, as they do not get involved in open primaries.  

To get onto the list the candidates had to prove their viability by hitting certain marks in fundraising, messaging and communications.

“I’m honored to welcome Marty to our Young Guns program, and I know he will bring his unparalleled work ethic to Congress,” Stivers said.  

Nothstein is running against Republican Dean Browning in the primary.

8 Responses

    1. Browning came in last out of 5 in the Lehigh County At Large Commissioner Race – those are people who know him. The rest of the district he’s a complete unknown. He and his mom are his biggest contributors to his campaign. He’s supported by the Tea Party rejects and a handful of irrelevant loud mouths. Tell me why he’s going to win?

    2. Browning is the scum between my toes. Dean couldn’t win a game of rock, paper, scissors. But don’t worry, when he loses this primary he will run for the next 25 political seats that become available. Oh, and he will lose those too.

  1. Marty seems like a really good guy. He seems to have found a very comfortable middle ground politically in the LHV. He is conservative where it matters be seems to want to listen to all of the voices in the valley and compromise where necessary. Great pick by the NRCC. Marty losing to Dean Saccone…whoops I mean Dean Browning.

    1. Marty Nothstein is a total empty suit. Dean is, well, Dean. If Marty gets through the Primary he will lose by 20 points to John Morganelli.

      1. The seat is a toss up. It’s going to be a tough race on all sides in the general.

      2. Looks like the meth pipe may still be hot. Marty will crush Little Dean Saccone in the primary. Morganelli is the one that may not make it through. With EMILYs List backing Wild and Bernie coming in for Edwards, the Dem Primary vote will be splintered for sure. Marty is a good guy who actually cares about people. Something I surely cant say about Morganelli or Dean Wet Napkin Browning.

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