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NRCC Blasts Lamb For Proxy Vote Shortly After Baby Announcement

It’s the holiday season, but the National Republican Congressional Committee isn’t exactly in a charitable mood. 

The NRCC sent out an email Monday morning criticizing Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny) for voting by proxy on Sunday. 

“Despite collecting a $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary, Conor Lamb couldn’t be bothered to show up to work yesterday, voting by proxy and giving his district’s vote to New Jersey lawmaker Mikie Sherrill,” said Michael McAdams, NRCC Spokesman, in the email. “Every Pennsylvania voter should know that Lamb stayed home on the couch instead of fulfilling the job they elected him to do.”

Lamb wasn’t home on the couch. On Sunday, Lamb announced to the world that he and his wife, Hayley Haldeman Lamb, an attorney and nonprofit executive, had a son, Matthew Ignatius Lamb. Matthew Ignatius is their first child. 

PoliticsPA asked the NRCC if its criticism stood, given Lamb’s family circumstances. They doubled down. 

“Conor Lamb needs to explain to all the hardworking folks trying to make ends meet why he’s too good to show up for his $174,000 taxpayer-funded job,” McAdams said in response.

Lamb’s campaign blasted the NRCC for its attack.

“The NRCC is literally attacking Conor Lamb and his wife for having a son during a pandemic. Conor is following public health guidelines and voting by proxy, just like Matt Gaetz and other Republicans,” said Campaign Manager Abby Nassif-Murphy. 

“These children at the NRCC are a constant embarrassment to the so-called adults who pay them,” Nassif-Murphy continued. “They make Russian troll farms and QAnon message boards look like reasonable actors in American politics. They do nothing but lie, spread conspiracy theories, and — in our district — lose elections.”

In conclusion the Lamb campaign also pointed to winning reelection for the third time in a row and told the NRCC to “get used to it.” 

Lamb also took to social media on Monday afternoon to slam the NRCC for it’s comments. 

Lamb has consistently voted by proxy since the Thanksgiving recess – 22 times in all. He has not missed a vote. House Dems authorized proxy voting in May for the first time in U.S. history in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 Responses

  1. How dare this guy prioritize his wife and new baby. Even though he voted by proxy, this reason is absolutely NO excuse! Now, President Trump did it right. While the country is in the midst of skyrocketing covid cases, the economy in shambles and a major cyber attack, President Trump is playing golf. Now that is leadership!!

  2. Republicans, that is definitely not a good look. Opposing family values seems to be catching on among you.

  3. This is so despicable!

    And I love Pam Iovino too. Did you know she was a proud member of our military?

    She demonstrated real grit and heroism. Bring back Pam!

    1. And Sean Parnell wanted to cancel mail-in votes from being counted in the November election in concert with Mike Kelly- two true believers in democracy

  4. If you read the article, he wasn’t “attending the birth” of his son when he missed the vote. It was “shortly after” his son was born. (No actual birth date was mentioned.) Plus, he had not been in person for a vote since Thanksgiving — voting by proxy 22 times.

    1. Cool, so GOP fascists like Lisa here believe that men shouldn’t be supportive and at home for their wives as they are pregnant and after they give birth.
      Really telling.

  5. The ReTrumpicans are really sreaxhing a new low at the bottom of the barrel in their attack on congressman Lamb for voting proxy to attend the birth of his first child. How cold hearted can you be? Congressman Lamb is an oustanding congressman and a good family man too.

  6. Apparently Trump’s Republican Party doesn’t believe it’s necessary for a husband to be with his wife during childbirth, or to support his wife after she has delivered a baby, and doesn’t that just tell you everything about Trump’s GOP.

  7. Connor Lamb is a joke. He only won because the Dems gerrymandered him a seat. He will be gone next cycle. Bye, Connor!

    1. He only won three times…how many times do you losers have to lose before you realize you have a candidate/issue/messaging problem? It’s not like the lines are new at this point.

    2. Republican internet trolls are a joke. They conveniently forget that Congressman Murphy only held his seat to begin with due to GOP Gerrymandering– and Murphy himself sat on the committee that gerrymandered the district.
      They keep saying Conor Lamb will be gone, but they haven’t quite figured out how to beat him.
      And when they lose, they simply call the election rigged against them.
      And now, because they’re such pond scum, they’re attacking Conor for being a Dad.
      The best part? The GOP doesn’t even care about their own voters.

    3. Democrats can’t gerrymander a seat you idiot. Republicans are the party in charge of establishing districts.

    4. Damn right it was gerrymandered by the democratic controlled supreme court! How dare them even the score in Lambs district when it came to Democrats and Republicans. There definitely should have been many more republicans than democrats. Sean Parnell would have been a better congressman. He made total sense when he wanted all democratic mail-in votes discarded. Sounds fair to me!

  8. Hey NRCC, how about that tax break you gave to the richest Americans with the help of Trump a few years ago but won’t even give 1200 to each American under the current stimulus bill and are limiting it to $600. Then of that $600 you reduced the people eligible to receive a check from the first stimulus. Like somehow it was a-ok to give big tax breaks but not a-ok for the same people to get a stimulus check as last time. Your act is harder to sell these days NRCC.

  9. Asshole GOP which claims to be pro-family slams Lamb for attending son’s birth and voting by proxy.

  10. This is so MEAN!!!!!!

    And while we are at it, I will so miss Senator Pam Iovino. Classy, beautiful, and poised, she was such an addition to Harrisburg. May God bless Pam and look over her in the future.

    We love you, Pam!

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