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NRCC Chairman Takes Parting Shots at Costello

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers had some final words following Congressman Ryan Costello’s announcement that he will not seek re-election, reflecting national Republican’s frustration heading towards the midterm elections.  

Stivers told CNN that Costello lacked the “intestinal fortitude” to deal with the new Congressional maps in Pennsylvania, countering Costello’s claims that the “political landscape” was a key factor in his decision.  

“He didn’t cite the political landscape when he had the old map that was R+2.  I think it was a lack of intestinal fortitude on his part, and that’s unfortunate. He should have stuck in there and fought, I think he would have won that district,” Stivers told CNN.  

Costello’s decision to retire came after the petition filing deadline, meaning Republicans only candidate on the ballot will be Greg McCauley.  

The 6th Congressional district shifted from having voted narrowly for Clinton in 2016, to a district that would have voted for Clinton by almost 10 points according to our analysis.  

Stiver’s comments come as 41 Republicans across the country are not seeking re-election this year, many in districts that voted for Clinton in 2016.  

16 Responses

  1. Costello is spineless. FINALLY I will vote for and SEE a Democratic US Representative in PA-6. Xoxo

  2. Never thought I’d agree with the head of the NRCC, but there you have it.

    I’m a died in the wool Democrat and love Chrissy Houlahan, but I think this seat actually would have narrowly favored Costello this year. Even with the blue wave potential.

    What a coward. Didn’t want to run in a seat that wasn’t rigged for him.

    1. You’re an idiot, or you’re uninformed. This seat would vote for a turd if it had a (D) next to its name. With that said, I agree, he should have had the balls to fight.

  3. The GOP is fraying with madness as their ravenous base foams at the mouth against not like them. Trump is running a criminal enterprise and Republicans see the writing on the wall.

  4. Yeah, Costello is the problem, the brand is fine, nothing to see here, please move along, ignore the man behind the curtain, there’s no wave coming, Val will save us, MAGA, there’s no place like home…

  5. I don’t know Costello but the reality is that if this is plus 10 Dems he would lose this year. Period. Wave year and a very weak top of the ticket with Lou Barletta and either “Abbot or Costello” ie Mango or Wagner spells sure defeat down ballot. This fiasco top of the ticket is a HUGE problem and will only magnify going forward this election cycle. If “Abbot and Costello” tank like it looks now and if Lou Barletta tanks..yikes!…struggling down ballot Congressional races are in deep trouble.

  6. True story. Ryan’s had a free ride until now. The party cleared the deck for Costello’s nomination, and, since he reached Washington, he has been Charlie Dent’s reliable second vote in the house. Good chance this gutless mediocrity is leaving, because, without Charlie, he wouldn’t know how to vote, anyway.

  7. Stivers is spot on. Since his election to Congress, Costello has slinked around his district like a guy afraid of his own shadow. Had Val DiGiorgio rather than Costello won the behind the scenes power struggle for the GOP nod for this seat in 2014, I guarantee Val wouldn’t have taken his ball and gone home like Costello has.

  8. “Stivers told CNN that Costello lacked the “intestinal fortitude” to deal with the new Congressional maps in Pennsylvania, countering Costello’s claims that the “political landscape” was a key factor in his decision.”

    Translations: Costello is a giant p*ssy

    1. Says a two-bit, good for nothing, wanna be politico who can hardily get an article published on generic, content hungry, free access websites. I wouldn’t spit in Diano’s mouth if he was dying of thirst.

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