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NRCC Dares Strouse and Trivedi with Anti-Pelosi Pledge

220px-Speaker_Nancy_PelosiWell, general election season is upon us.

The races in Pennsylvania’s Sixth and Eighth Congressional Districts have generally been considered the most competitive for November and the recent actions by the NRCC seem to confirm this.

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) released a petition titled “My Pledge Against Nancy Pelosi” today, which it is challenging Democratic nominees Manan Trivedi and Kevin Strouse to sign. The pledge calls for the candidates to promise not to vote for Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader at the start of the next Congress if they should be elected and to not accept any money from the Minority Leader or her PACs.

“Nancy Pelosi’s policies have been horrible for families and workers all across America,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “There is a reason Pelosi is funding the campaigns of these Democrat candidates – she knows they will be in her pocket if they make it to Congress. If these Democrats really care about the people they seek to represent, they will sign this pledge today.”

Pelosi has been a favorite target for the Republican party for a number of years, especially after they made her a central part of their successful 2010 campaign to take back the House. The pledge, therefore, is not so much a serious inquiry as it is an attempt to portray PA-6 candidate Manan Trivedi and PA-8 candidate Kevin Strouse as too liberal to win election.

So far it appears that the Democrats will seek to counter the attempts to connect them with Nancy Pelosi by trying to tie their Republican opponents to Gov. Tom Corbett.

For instance, yesterday Kevin Strouse called on his opponent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick to repudiate Gov. Corbett’s decision last week to expand natural gas drilling in state parks and forests.

“His [Corbett’s] actions are disgraceful, and I call on Congressman Fitzpatrick to repudiate them and ask his party’s governor to reverse this executive order,” Strouse said.

These attacks will likely continue in the contests between Chester County Board of Commissioners Chair Ryan Costello and physician Manan Trivedi in PA-6 as well as Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and Afghan and Iraq War veteran Kevin Strouse in PA-8.

18 Responses

  1. I’m sorry DD. What office does Sarah Palin hold again?

    Many conservatives hold the some, most or all of the positions you listed. Calling something “reasonable” or “sensible” is a transparent attempt to manipulate the language in order paint the holder of those opinions as “unreasonable.” Why not just drop the modifier and use plain English?

    And honestly: stem cell research? Did you not know that all of the controversy evaportated from stem cell research since science has found a way to do it without destroying a human life?

  2. “GOP women are much more rounded”

    Like Sarah Palin? She not only cares abort stopping abortions, but she also wants to stop:
    — sensible gun legislation
    — restrictions on semi-automatic weapons
    — contraception included in health care
    — sex education
    ** (these last two are ironic because both she and her daughter got knocked-up out of wedlock)
    — taxing wealth
    — sensible foreign policy (like diplomacy)
    — gays from getting married
    — evolution from being taught in school
    — stem cell research
    — any attempt to give amnesty to illegal immigrants

  3. Isaac: Not Ready is a woman. And as a woman, I’m tired of being treated like nothing more than the sum of my “lady parts.” What’s really insulting is to act as if women don’t have opinions on the economy, foreign policy, entitlements, education. Maybe all liberal women care about is abortion. I can tell you that GOP women are much more rounded.

  4. Phil,

    Oh please inform me about what happened in 2010? Biggest wave year for Republicans in 70 years? I’m sorry, was that because of Speaker Pelosi saying “We need to pass it before we know whats in it.”? Or was it the actual bill that was forced through her House?

    Democrats have been blaming Bush for years now. Pelosi blamed him for the VA’s failures. Talk about needing new material.

  5. Better_call_saul:
    They’ve been pulling this stunt since the middle of 2006. And it doesn’t work, despite what you think about 2010. If it works so well, why don’t the Democrats do the same to that drunken fool who is presently Speaker?

  6. Apparently Not Ready does not see why it’s exactly comments like that that turn women away from the Republican Party. The irony is palpable, if only he were with-it enough to see it.

  7. Liberals are scared to death of Republican women because Republican women dare to come off the abortion reservation and actually hold opinions about things other than their “lady parts.”

  8. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Sokane, WA) is the 4th highest ranking Republican in the House; she is the Chair of the House Republican Conference. In Republican circles, she is considered a rising star.

  9. She is one of the most unpopular people in the country and the strategy has consistently worked since 2010.

    Democrats commenting here are hypocrites when their party has done the same. At least Pelosi- Strouse/Trivedi is a legitimate comparison. But trying to link federal candidates with a governor is hoping voters are stupid and disingenuous.

  10. Will Costello renounce his man-crush, Paul Ryan?

    Seriously – is that the best they can come up with? Recycled loser themes? Just another example of how bereft today’s Republican Party is of new ideas. Is it any wonder why their base is shrinking at ever faster rates? Of course, they can’t hear outside their echo chamber; hence Karl Rove’s complete surprise that Romney lost Ohio…

  11. Will the NRCC insist that Republicans refuse to support (or accept support from) Boehner and Cantor?

    These two have led the least productive congress in history and while fighting against workers and the health/well-being of ordinary Americans for years.

    I think Trivedi and Strouse can pledge not to support the two numbnuts running the House GOP.

  12. For God’s sake. The Republicans have been running against Nancy Pelosi for going on, what, 6-8 year? When is enough going to be enough?

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